6 Easy Trust-Building Exercises for Couples

  • May 04, 2021
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Trust Building Exercises for Couples

Trust and communication lay the foundation of any relationship. They are essential for cultivating emotional intimacy, without which a relationship cannot last. It is hard to build a long-term relationship with someone you do not trust because you may hesitate to open up. This hesitation will keep you from building emotional bonds with your partner and from having stable relationships.

Why is Trust Important in a Relationship?

When you trust your partner, you rely upon him/her to meet you halfway. You choose to share with him/her the sources of your stress, insecurities, or worries and you believe that they will handle these details with care. In any relationship, partners can depend upon each other when there is mutual trust. Trust is not possible without clear communication. Lack of communication will ultimately result in a conflict.

How to Rebuild Trust in a Relationship?

Rebuilding trust in a relationship is as difficult as piecing together a broken mirror. The cracks will always be visible no matter how carefully the pieces of a broken mirror have been set. However, you can rebuild trust if you consistently make the right choices and think them through.

There may be reasons behind losing faith in your partner. For example, he/she may fail to keep a promise or follow through on something. You may even lose faith in your partner if he/she cheats on you or enters into a relationship with another person. Rebuilding the trust may seem difficult in this case. However, it is possible if the guilty partner takes responsibility and becomes accountable.

Rebuilding the trust in a partner who has been unfaithful or unreliable, does not happen overnight. It takes time. You have to be patient if you want your partner to trust you or to trust your partner again.

Some Trust Building Exercises for Couples

    1. Tell a Scary Secret
    2. Take Turns Planning a Date Night
    3. Try New Activities
    4. Respect Space and Boundaries
    5. Do Group Activities
    6. Talk About Your Fears
  • 1. Tell a Scary Secret

    You and your partner may have shared some spectacular moments together. However, you may not have shared every detail of your life with your partner. You may have kept some parts of your life purposefully hidden. If you share a secret with your partner, then it shows that you are entrusting your partner with the secrets of your life. This honesty and openness may break the icy wall of mistrust between you and your partner.

    2. Take Turns Planning a Date Night

    You have to give your partner the opportunity to prove their reliability and importance in your life if you want to rebuild the relationship. For example, you may ask your partner to plan the next date night if you are used to making this type of arrangement. It enables your partner to prove that he/she can be trusted.

    3. Try New Activities

    You may try new activities with your partner if you want to rebuild the bond of trust and rekindle your romance. You and your partner have to step out of your comfort zones when trying new activities, as it will be unfamiliar territory for you both. This improves communication between partners and provides a new way to spend quality time. For example, you may try ‘Acro Yoga’ or other activities where you have to work with your partner.

    4. Respect Space and Boundaries

    As a couple, you and your partner spend most of your time together. However, it is also ok to spend some time away from one another. To build trust, it is essential to respect this space. During this time, let your partner enjoy the activities that he/she likes instead of making suggestions or trying to control the scenario. It is essential to have boundaries in a relationship and you have to respect this boundary. It strengthens the trust and bond between partners while sweetening the relationship.

    5. Do Group Activities

    Doing activities in a group can bring out different aspects of one’s personality. Likewise, doing group activities as a couple can have a similar impact. Therefore, it is helpful for couples to participate in group activities. It enables both partners to learn something new about the nature of another partner. You may participate in events that you and your partner both enjoy in order to improve understanding. During these times, it is important for both partners to be accommodative of each other’s behavior.

    6. Talk About Your Fears

    You cannot be intimate with your partner if you cannot share your secrets and fears with him/her. However, it is essential to ensure that your partner can understand and respect your vulnerability before sharing any secrets and fear. Once you and your partner are comfortable being vulnerable in front of one another, this openness will strengthen the bond of trust.


    No relationship can survive without trust. It is the glue that holds two people together in a relationship. However, trust cannot develop between partners of any relationship without openness, honesty, and dependence.

    With the help of proper communication, you can resolve any relationship issue that may surface over time or rebuild the trust that was lost due to a mistake. Trust and communication are the cornerstones of any relationship. Using these tips, you and your partner can fortify the bond of trust and rekindle your passion.

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