Why People Switch to an Organic Lifestyle?

  • June 29, 2021
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Adopt Organic Lifestyle

Stress, tension, anxiety, and depression can wreak havoc on the body. Even if your health seems ok right now, having too much stress can lead to health issues that severely impact your life.

The best way to strengthen your body and protect it against the effects of a stressful life is to change your lifestyle and adopt a healthy lifestyle. This leads to a long life you can enjoy. People often decide to change not just for themselves but for the sake of their family, and especially their kids. Embracing an organic lifestyle may be just the right beginning.

4 Reasons Why People Adopt an Organic Lifestyle

1. Lower environmental footprint

A great benefit of living an organic lifestyle is that it contributes to maintaining the environment.  Cultivation of non-organic food in farms involves heavy use of herbicides and pesticides.

These chemicals make their way to the ocean and cause pollution destroying marine life. It is bad for wildlife as the animals often ingest these deadly chemicals. Sticking to organic-only options reduces the impact on nature, and on the flora and fauna that it supports.

2. Food filled with nutrition

Non-organic food does not contain the required nutrition to live a good and healthy life as you are not consuming essential minerals and vitamins that your body needs. Ensure the optimal nutrient level for your body by switching to organic food. This way, your energy levels increase and you become healthier and more fit.

3. You will eat food with less toxic ingredients

Consumption of non-organic food leads to the build-up of heavy metals and toxic pesticides in your body. As per an estimate, by eating foods containing cadmium and other toxins, your body accumulates about 10 pounds of pesticides yearly.

This in turn changes the functions of your body and limits your wellness potential. Simply switch to organic foods to restore the natural balance of the body and reduce exposure to such harmful toxins.

4. It supports local businesses

Organic food comes mostly from local farms. Local farms depend on support from you as maintaining crops, labor costs, and animal care are expensive. By purchasing products from them and by supporting these farms, you can help them thrive. Living organically is a way to support the local economy and local farms even as you make healthy choices.

5 Ways to Adopt an Organic Lifestyle

1. Eat organic

The food choices that you make matter and switching to organic foods leads to a sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Buy certified organic products as these meet the strict requirements and standards in this category.

Foods that are certified organic contain a minimum of 95% organic products (excluding salt and water). Look for the certified label on these products.

Include more organic foods in your lifestyle by shopping locally and in season to get the most affordable and the freshest options.

Keep in mind that frozen or canned options can give you savings, a longer shelf life, and variety.

2. Have organic household items

Other than food, you can consider other organic items to use in your home like textiles. Try buying towels, clothing, and bedding made with organic fibers such as cotton, hemp, and linen. When these are organic,  farmers do not use GMOs, fertilizers, or pesticides when growing them.

Natural fiber is easy on nature.  Recycled textiles and synthetics are another sustainable solution, and they are relatively easier to find now.

Non-organic household and personal care products expose you and the environment to unhealthy chemicals. Some harsh ingredients may harm the ecosystem and waterways going down the drains.

When choosing, look for the organic certification label.  These days, it is easy to find a variety of organic products, from lip balm to dish soap.

3. Switch to chemical-free beauty products

Most makeup that people use contains ingredients that you may not be able to pronounce. Green skincare products with organic components work just as well as your standard products but are even better because these do not harm your skin or body in any way.

You can also make your own skincare products at home too like face masks with banana or papaya. DIY products give you a healthy and glowing sheen.

4. Try Natural remedies for common health issues

To deal with headaches and cramps, most people take OTC painkillers. The use of natural remedies does the job just as effectively without the possible side effects of medicines.

Curcumin in turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties so you can use this as an alternative painkiller. This is a possible treatment for asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, psoriasis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

5. Know you food producers and always read the label

Foods grown and raised with sustainable and natural agricultural practices may not have organic certification. Look for food produced locally as this gives you a glimpse into the source of things you eat.

This way, you can make knowledgeable and conscious choices, choosing foods that are healthier and grown through sustainable means.

Reading the labels of packaged food items gives you information that you would not have otherwise. Determine whether the products are sustainable and safe for you and your family.

The producers of healthy and eco-friendly products focus on bringing transparency to the product labels. You want to look for organic logos, fair-trade information, recognizable, simple ingredients, and biodegradable properties.

Find products that are antibiotic and hormone free, pastured, free-range, and grass fed, without artificial colors, flavors, dyes, or harmful chemicals. Organic products with certification are GMO-free.

Navigating the labels on household items, supplements, and foods helps you to make informed purchase decisions.

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Bring about changes in your diet and live a healthier and longer life full of happiness and vigor. Organic food is free of fertilizers and pesticides so they do not affect the environment negatively. This lifestyle promotes healthy living for you and your family, helping you feel your best.

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