9 Basic Life Skills No One Taught You but are Very Essential

  • September 07, 2021
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important life skills

 For a successful and content life, skills are important. In a lifetime, people are taught several lessons by their parents, teachers, associates, and friends. It’s up to them how they perceive these teachings and apply them to their lives. However, there are certain life skills that need to be self-learned if a person seeks beyond routine life. 

9 Important skills that will help you survive in this competitive world

  1. Decision Making
  2. How to be Fearless
  3. Learning from Failures
  4. Managing Self
  5. Being Selfish is Important
  6. Connect with Self
  7. Stop Seeking Approval
  8. Money Management
  9. Critical Thinking

1) Decision Making

Do you convert your analysis into actions? Often, people evaluate a situation and comprehend its response, yet they fail to act on it, which leads to sour grapes in the mouth. The ability to judge a situation and instantly respond to it effectively defines strong decision-making skills. However, a quick reaction without being critical, over-analysis, or waiting for more information to decide is dangerous.

2) How to be Fearless

Often, people suffer from low self-esteem due to an act that occurred in their past, which instilled fear in them. Subsequently, they find it challenging to accept new changes that appear in their lives. However, we know change is constant and we must adapt to it gracefully. Subsequently, we have often heard the clichés about conquering fears and building Self – Confidence.

Obviously, we are aware of the need to be fearless. However, possessing that quality requires us to act in the moment, even when the situation is unpleasant. Now that sounds intimidating, doesn’t it?

If you want to be fearless, you need to work at it repeatedly until it stops bothering you. The ideal way to gain courage is to create an environment that focuses on achieving your goals. Here, you will find obstacles and fears fading away, and your courage will boost immensely. It’s at this point you have become fearless.  

3) Learning from Failures

Often, we think failures are bad, but is it really bad? Failure is inevitable, it’s a road that we all travel in our lives to learn the most valuable lessons that life has to offer us. When we analyze our failures, we will discover that some could have been prevented, while others were bound to occur.

Instead of blaming ourselves or blaming others, what if, we could have prevented the failures that occurred due to our negligence on a routine task, or focused on how to fix the failure that occurred due to an experiment that we had conducted, or a new situation that we faced – now wouldn’t that be easier, if we altered our attitude towards failures?

4) Managing Self

Success depends on real action, which depends on our ability to focus attention on situations or things that need us the most. To keep ourselves on track, a strong sense of discipline, strong organizational skills, and effective productivity is essential.

5) Being Selfish is Important

Since selflessness is revered in our society, we are taught to consider other people’s feelings or thoughts before ourselves. And, people who give importance to themselves are often criticized. Yet, in times of dire need, we tend to be useless, if we haven’t been selfish. We often get to wit’s end when we actually need to think about ourselves first in a situation. Hence, it’s important to practice self-love so that we can take care of others to the best of our abilities.

6) Connect with Self

Self-awareness is extremely powerful. You learn to be at peace with yourself, as you no longer allow emotions or habits to control you. When you recognize your emotions, you feel comfortable with them, and do not require distractions.    

Connecting with yourself and becoming self-aware is to be at peace with yourself. You won’t be as controlled by your emotions, habits, or programming. You won’t need to distract or numb yourself to avoid feeling uncomfortable with your thoughts.

Learn to feel comfortable in your loneliness, it’s not always that you need to be socially engaged. When you unplug from distractions, you begin to feel at ease in your own company. So, how can you practice detachment in order to be self-aware? Meditation is the way to go forward.

7) Stop Seeking Approval

From our childhood years, we are taught to seek approval.  This behavior easily makes or breaks us, and turns us into low self-esteem adults. The need for constant approval stresses us to try extra hard to prove our worth to people in our social and professional surroundings. Subsequently, we allow others to control our lives, because their opinions matter. But, is it worth the stress to keep ourselves unhappy?

You will experience joy when you become free, and to gain that freedom, you need to stop letting others’ opinions hound your mind, body, and soul. Learn to believe in yourself, learn to say to yourself, “even if today I’m not an achiever, I’m still worthy of myself, as the universe found me worthy enough to breathe life into me.”

8) Money Management

As the adage goes, “Money makes the world go round.”

Managing money is tougher than earning it. Often, we tend to spend on a lavish lifestyle, ignoring the importance of saving it, and we thus get tangled in spiraling debt that makes our existence pitiable. What if we had a genie that could make our credit troubles disappear?

Well, you don’t have to search too far, that genie is right in you!    

By learning the art of managing money, you can become debt-free and live a financially free life. Subsequently, you should create a monthly budget that would allow you to keep a track of your essential expenses, and reduce your lavish expenses. For instance, making home mortgage payments is an essential expense, but dining out every weekend is non-essential.  You can reduce it to two visits a month, and save tremendously. Invest the money saved into eliminating other debt, and then into financial assets that will help you generate residual income for future use.

9) Critical Thinking

Throughout our day, we are exposed to several thoughts, and if we are able to evaluate them, sort and keep the valuable information, and sieve out trivial matters, we would lead a fulfilling life. Critical thinking allows us to make correct decisions at the moment while maintaining our peace.

Take away:

With these 10 essential life skills, you can get whatever you want, reach the pinnacle of success, and eventually lead the fulfilling life that you have been craving for so long.  

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