10 Tips on Building Strong Relationships

  • July 20, 2021
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Building a Strong Relationship

Loving someone is different from being in love with someone. When you are in love with someone, you long to be in the relationship even at the end of its euphoric stage which usually lasts for a few months.

It is not easy building a strong relationship where both partners love and respect each other and care for each other. 

You and your partner both have to work towards it. The secret to a lasting relationship varies from one couple to another.

However, these tips will help you strengthen the bond between you and your special someone.


1. Be Vocal about the Things You Like

It is not easy balancing all aspects (personal, professional, social, and romantic) of your life. The flame of passion between you and your partner may become dimmer over time due to a lack of appreciation.

This may cause frustration, boredom, and estrangement in a relationship. To prevent it, you have to appreciate your partner often for small things. For example,

  • You can appreciate your partner for assisting you with something or for looking good.
  • You may thank your partner for being with you through thick and thin or for taking care of you.

These small gestures of love and care strengthen the emotional bond between couples.

2. Choose Your Fights Wisely

You and your partner may not agree on everything or may have different opinions in some scenarios. This is natural. Two people can love each other despite their differences in opinions.

However, a relationship turns bitter if there are fights over small differences in opinions.

One negative comment may permanently scar your partner’s emotions, and frequent exchanges of negative comments can cause estrangement.

Therefore, you and your partner have to be careful when there is a possibility of disagreement. It is prudent to pause for a moment and think if something is worth fighting over. 

Discordance is natural between couples. With every disagreement, you and your partner have the opportunity to tighten the emotional bond, as the fight may end with apologies from both sides and lots of kisses.

3. It’s Okay to be Bored

Boredom is inevitable in a long-term relationship, as two people spend years in the company of one another. Therefore, an occasional feeling of boredom is not a sign of a failing relationship. 

The passionate excitement of the early phase of a romantic relationship will fade to some degree over the years. However, it is important to find joy in the company of one another and explore one another in new ways. This will keep the flame of passion burning for years to come.

4. Learn to Listen

It is important for both partners in a relationship to pay attention to the feelings or emotions of one another. You can learn about your partner’s feelings when you listen to him/her carefully whether it is an expression of love, appreciation, criticism, or anger. 

It is important to resolve these issues if you and your partner do not want to fall out of love. Thus, it is important for both partners to listen to each other’s problems or complaints without being rude, abusive, or judgmental.

5. Respect Boundaries

It is important to spend time away from your partner. It gives you the opportunity to connect with your inner self or to socialize with others in your life.

Spending some time away from your partner gives you the opportunity to experience his/her absence and realize his/her importance in your life.

Therefore, it is important for couples to give some space to one another. This will bring both of you closer to one another instead of pushing you apart.

6. Compromise Mutually

Self-love is important for your emotional wellbeing. It is equally important to think about your partner’s needs and requests if you want a relationship to be successful.

You have to put yourself in your partner’s shoes if you want to understand their feelings, thoughts, or perspective. 

However, it is important to stay balanced when compromising for others’ happiness, as your emotional wellbeing is as important as your partner’s emotional wellbeing.

Thus, mutual understanding and compromise are important for a successful long-term relationship.

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7. Appreciate Each other

You may stop appreciating your partner for their love, understanding, assistance, or care when you are in a relationship for years. However, every person likes to feel appreciated and it can be expressed in different ways.

You need not always appreciate your partner in words. It may be a peck on the cheek or a hug. Never stop noticing how your partner brightens up your day or helps you in different ways if you want to spend life happily with your partner.

8. Learn to Forgive

It is important not to hold a grudge against your partner for little mistakes or exchanges of hurtful words during a misunderstanding. It is important to resolve issues through discussion.

However, discussions between couples often lead to arguments as emotions are heightened. 

Thus, arguments are common in romantic relationships. However, you cannot have a healthy relationship if you or your partner cannot forgive one another for each others’ mistakes.

In any long-term relationship, couples learn to permanently put away an issue after resolving it or discussing it.

9. Be Present with Each other

In this digital era, it is possible to be miles apart from a person despite living together under one roof. Therefore, it is important to spend time (at least an hour) with your partner every day.

You can play a board game or practice some type of physical activity with your partner. 

You may do the household work together or share something special about the day. You have to be present with each other instead of being on the cellphone most of the time.

10. Don’t Fight Change

It is natural for people to change over time. Therefore, learn to acknowledge the changes in your partner. You may discuss what caused the changes in his/her behavior.

However, it is prudent to adjust your feelings accordingly if the change seems to be permanent.


Every long-term relationship is the result of mutual love, respect, understanding, and compromise. You and your partner have to work together in order to keep the romance alive and to stay together through thick and thin.

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