8 Practice for Healthy and Happy Life ( It Starts with You)

  • November 11, 2021
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Healthy and Happy Life

It is a common saying that happiness is elusive-and the statement is quite sad and ironic since happiness should be a vital aspect of our lives.  With the years passing by, people have confided in themselves and their happy life is slipping away. 

Being plagued by negativity and letting our smiles vanish are all dependent on intrinsic factors. Our life comprises a compilation of memories and thoughts and it is necessary for some of them to be jovial, refreshing, and lovely.

If our mind were a house, intrusive thoughts are the items we need to get rid of to declutter our mind. We need to develop a clear understanding of what is important to us in life and we are all guilty of focusing on things that are trivial. The sooner we know that our possessions aren’t all that matters, the quicker we can be happy, so we all should possess the power of ‘letting go’. 

Holding onto bad memories will do nothing but invite toxicity into our lives and eventually bring us down. But indeed, it is easier said than done.


8 Tips to Lead a Healthy and Happier Life.

1. Don’t Live Life Based on Expectations of Other’s

At some point in life, you have been burdened by the weight of expectations and it is quite a jarring and tiresome experience. The fear of letting others down is awfully detrimental and you might have lost happiness while pursuing perfectionism. You should always focus on yourself – it does not matter if your colleague bought a new car or someone has a higher salary than you do- you should grow for your betterment and you can’t let others’ actions dictate yours.

It is impossible to satisfy everyone so it is important you focus on yourself and those who’ve helped you become better instead.

2. Declutter People who don’t Align with You

Their faces might’ve popped up in your mind, and no matter how difficult it sounds, it’s time you get rid of them. These individuals don’t add value to your life, are never present when you need them, and only bring turmoil in your life. It might be tough to tear off a connection but you should do it for your sake.

Utilize social media to reach out to people whom you can relate to and enjoy being with rather than providing your time to people who hurt you.

3. Catch Up with the People who Matter

In these times, people have secluded themselves from each other. Catching up with your loved one, someone whose company you enjoy would be a great serotonin boost for you and that person. Even if you cannot visit them, give them a call and enjoy the moments you spend together. Sometimes, it’s important to step away from the hustle and bustle of life and find some time for yourself and your happiness. Once you do so, you’ll realize that a simple life is a happy life. 

4. Stop Thinking About What You don’t Have

We have all been guilty of being envious of things we cannot obtain and ignoring the precious things right in front of our eyes. The human brain loves to brood on the feeling of being deprived rather than feeling carefree and enjoying the aspects of everyday life. 

We fail to notice the happiness in our lives. To not be blinded by greed and jealousy you might want to jot down the things in your life that make you enjoy it, make you happy, and provide you with a sense of calm.

5. Stop Controlling Everything

They want to control everything arising from the fear of losing influence over something or someone. You should realize that this trait brings a lot of stress and anguish to you and your surroundings. Be kinder and gentler and give up the need to control everything. Take yourself, and people, just the way they are, and your life would be a happier place.

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6. Avoid Comparisons

Just because someone bought a car, does not mean you need it to, to make your life worthy.

The moment you start to compare your life with someone else’s, you create things to mourn about- from traveling to food, lifestyle, and even family. Social influence plays a huge factor in our happiness but we need to be satisfied with our lives, rather than following others’ footsteps out of impulsiveness and hate for our own life.

7. Stop Worrying About Society’s Expectations

Society is ever-evolving and so are its expectations – from your body to your lifestyle, it never stops imposing its ideas on you. You need to accept yourself for who you are and be aware of your best and worst traits. Strive to improve yourself rather than listen to society’s biased comments. 

The portrayed media is filtered to achieve perfection and that can never be attained in real life. Your main aim in life should be striving for self-contentment and happiness. It is important that we love ourselves and the people around us, and turn a blind eye to the unattainable and unrealistic standards of mainstream media.

8. Stop Worrying About Past Misfortunes

Letting go of the past is extremely tough but it can truly set you free. At times you cannot help but be plagued by the traumatic or sad incidents in your life. During times like this, it is important to not dwell on those negative realms.  Instead, try to think about all the happiness in life. This will help you push back and release the events in a healthy manner. Therapy, Yoga, Exercise, or even maintaining a journal are great ways of catharsis that you can try. 

Final Words

Due to the conflicts we face daily in our lives, we often forget that a happy life is a great life.  Without happiness, no amount of possessions, or people, matter. It is essential to look forward to holistic development by following certain simple practices in life which can help one develop a better lifestyle.

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