Lose Weight in Japanese Style: 7 Effective Japanese Diet Plan Tricks

  • October 26, 2021
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Dieting Tips from Japan

Do you want to lose weight without doing intense physical activities or skimping on food? These Japanese dieting tricks will keep you in shape and will ensure complete wellbeing.

The native people of Japan have a fit body and sharp mind which is directly related to their diet and lifestyle choices. They have been following these dietary rules since time unknown.

As a result, Japanese men, women, and kids have healthy bodies and minds. The following tips are not hard to follow. You just have to be mindful about the type of food and you will soon notice these benefits:

● Consistent weight loss without giving up your favorite food as long as you eat in moderation.

● No loss of fitness or muscle mass while losing weight.

● No need for tiresome high-intensity exercise.


Japanese Diet Plan Tricks:

1.  Acclimate Your Body to Your Climate

If you want to stay fit while losing weight, then eating digestible food is as important as eating nutritious food. For example, your diet plan may include raw vegetables, fruits, and original fruit juice since these edibles have excellent nutritional value.

However, it is important to remember that raw foods are harder to digest in comparison to cooked foods.

In Japan, it is essential to keep the body warm since it promotes stronger circulation of the body fluid and leads to a balanced body. Raw food is considered to be cooling for the body. Japanese men and women eat sautéed, boiled, stewed, or baked meals more than raw vegetables and fruits.

They even add different types of seasonings, such as ginger or Miso, when cooking in order to enhance the taste while aiding digestion. Uncooked or raw foods are harder to digest.

In Japan, people pay attention to how much nutrition is being absorbed by the body instead of worrying about the amount of food. You can lose weight quickly and can absorb more nutrition from the food if you have better digestion.

Japanese people prefer having seasonal fruits and vegetables over frozen food since they lack nutritional elements. They consume raw food in larger quantities during summer since it keeps the body cool and has slow-cooked meals during winter since they keep the body warm.

2.  Using Konjac Instead of Rice or Pasta

The starchy root of Konjac, which is also known as a corm, is used to produce different types of dietary supplements, such as flour or jelly. In Japan, people include Konjac in their diet which is another reason behind their slim and fit physique.

Konjac is full of glucomannan fiber which expands in the stomach. Therefore, the stomach feels full which prevents overeating. You will also notice a reduction in cravings for snacks between meals since this fiber will keep the stomach full for a long time. This helps you in losing weight.

Konjac takes on the flavor of any food preparation. Therefore, you may mix the konjac flour with rice grains and cook them together or may use the flour alone for cooking.

You may even include konjac noodles (also known as konjac rice) into your diet. It is made of 97% water and 3% fiber and can be used as an alternative to wheat noodles or rice since they are high in carbohydrates.

3.  If You Train Like a Sumo Wrestler, You Will Look Like One

If you want to stay slim while staying fit, then you have to avoid filling the stomach with food that is rich in carbohydrates and fat.

It is equally important to avoid going to bed immediately after having lunch or dinner since it prevents proper digestion. A sumo wrestler follows this routine.

● They skip breakfast

● Do intense exercise throughout the morning

● Eat plenty of food at lunch without paying any attention to the calorie intake

● They take a nap after lunch

● The same routine is followed in the evening

The main motto of a sumo wrestler is to stay fit while gaining weight. Thus, you cannot stay slim if you follow this routine. It is equally important to avoid intense workouts since your body craves more energy when hyperventilating and uses the energy from the last meal.

When this happens, you want to replenish the lost energy by eating carbohydrate-rich food.

4.  Don’t Drink Water While Having a Meal

The stomach has difficulty digesting the food when the water neutralizes the stomach acid. You cannot lose weight if you cannot properly digest the food and Japanese people do not drink water whilst eating due to this reason. They have soups in place of water which is considered to be a hydrating food.

5.  Hard Exercise is Not Necessary, but Exercise is!

It is important to avoid intense workouts; however, doing light exercise is necessary if you want to lose the excess fat. A calming workout does not make you feel short of breath or hungry.

Therefore, your body won’t crave sugar immediately after exercise in order to replenish the lost energy and does not use the energy from the last meal.

Any light intensity exercise, such as walking, yoga, or stretching, reduces the level of stress. Your body will utilize the fatty tissues for fuel if you participate in the light-intensity exercise.

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6.  Keep Your Body Warm

In Asian countries, nutrition does not just depend upon the properties of the food. It is related to the latent energetic properties released by the fruits, vegetables, or cereals in the human body. For example,

the foods that grow during summer are considered to be cooling for the body and the foods that grow during winter are considered to be warming for the body. Therefore, consuming seasonal food enables your body to acclimate to the current temperature.

On the other hand, you may feel fatigued after having the cooling food for your body and feel energetic after having the warming food for your body. You can stay energetic all day long if you have warming foods and can use this energy for work or exercise.

Thus, it is important to keep your body warm. Salads made of raw vegetables or smoothies made of raw fruits are considered to be cooling for the body. It is important to avoid this type of food despite being full of nutrients since they make you feel fatigued.

You can have sufficient nutrition from a bowl of sautéed, boiled, or steamed vegetables if you want to feel energetic.


7.  Take Hot Baths

Taking hot baths will improve your blood circulation which leads to better digestion and improved digestion leads to weight loss. The hot water improves the quality of skin since it unclogs the pores and people take hot water baths in Japan due to this reason.

You will feel relaxed and will sleep better after taking a hot-water bath. The native people of Japan keep the bathtub filled with water up to chest level in order to avoid putting pressure on the heart.

Thus, taking a hot bath ensures weight loss alongside improving skin quality and overall health.


Japanese people focus on the overall wellbeing of the body and mind. Thus, following these dieting tips can keep you in shape alongside helping you to have a strong immune system, glowing skin, sharp mind, and fit body.

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