10 Ways to Judge Person’s Character Precisely

judge of character

Throughout the day, you display traits that provide meaningful insights into your personality and emotions. According to psychology researchers, these habits can define you as a person but are only the beginning of learning deeply about your own and others’ inspirations.

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10 Ways to Judge Person’s Character

  1. Anger
  2. Walking Style
  3. Treating the Waiting Staff at the Restaurant
  4. Punctuality
  5. Handshake
  6. Eating Habits
  7. Nervous Ticks
  8. Driving
  9. Acts of Kindness
  10. Achievements

1. Anger

If someone you know has frequent angry outbursts over small issues, he may have a hidden cause that’s waiting to be explored. Occasional outbursts of anger are normal when things go south, but anger reflected constantly through mental, physical, or emotional abuse is not. It’s best to stay away from such people, as altercations can potentially give rise to violence. 

2. Walking Style

According to body language experts, your walking style reveals a lot about you.

Usually, if your body posture is forward and your gait is quick, you are highly logical and extremely productive. People admire you immensely, but you may display a cold and competitive stance.

With your shoulders back, chest forward, and your head held high, you are charismatic and socially skilled, you may prefer the limelight. You would notice this stride among celebrities and politicians.

If your weight is balanced on your legs, not backward or forward, you are inclined to be socially active rather than task-oriented. You give preference to your personal life over your career.

If you walk lightly on your toes and your head is always down or your eyes focused downwards (on-road, or on the floor), you are shy, polite, and introverted.  

3. Treating the Waiting Staff at the Restaurant

People who are unkind and boorish to wait for staff see themselves as superior to others, And people who treat them politely see everyone as equal and believe that everyone deserves to be respected, regardless of the situation.

4. Punctuality

Time is of the essence, and people who value it are punctual. Subsequently, people who show up early to a public or personal event show that they respect their time and the time of others.

On the contrary, people who are regularly callous with time and make excuses about arriving late at the venue imply that they take life casually and do not value this gift.

5. Handshake

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology revealed that your handshake can change people’s views about you.

In the experiment, jury members were trained to evaluate eight physiognomies of a handshake: grip strength, completeness, duration, temperature, texture, vigor, dryness, and eye contact.

Participants with firmer handshakes appeared to be extroverted, positive, and more emotionally expressive than others. People with sloppier grips were shy and anxious. So, decide, which grip would you prefer to use?

6. Eating Habits

Food habits reveal a great deal about a person’s behavior. Goal-oriented, ambitious, and often have bad-tempered moods generally seen with quick eaters, while slow eaters are level-headed and confident. 

Risk-takers are adventurous eaters who tend to be nosey or pushy. Picky eaters tend to be anxious and detail-oriented. Isolationists are people who like to eat one food item at a time, and they can be detail-oriented, stubborn, and careful.

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7. Nervous Ticks

Nail-biting or picking skin are body-focused repetitive behaviors. Such behavior is often seen among children and adults alike. This behavior occurs when humans are bored, anxious, or relaxed, and are seeking an activity that could recharge their mood.

People who compulsively tug their hair or bite their nails tend to be perfectionists, and their action enables them to soothe monotony, annoyance, and frustration. Since it feels better to act on something and do nothing, repetitive behavior is comforting.

8. Driving

Usually, fast drivers are extroverts, they are socially active, good communicators, and sensation-seekers. On the contrary, slow drivers tend to be introverted, as they focus on attention and effort while on the road. They are perfectionists and may suffer from anxiety.

9. Acts of Kindness

Kindness is a virtue that only a few people possess out of the 7 billion people on planet Earth. Genuine kindness is doing a nice deed for someone without expecting anything in return

A person with limited resources who is willing to help a destitute or needy person displays concern for others, while the people who watch an accident and pass by are merely vain or perhaps scared.  

10. Achievements

When people talk, listen carefully to how often they mention their promotions, achievements, awards, and successes. If they constantly mention their success, it indicates their over-inflated view of self-achievements. They usually lack humility and modesty. Such arrogance only makes people avoid their company.


These 10 signs can be tricky and take practice to learn and decipher. Nonetheless, they can easily help you figure out a person’s mental and emotional state.

You may also try sensing the energy that surrounds a person. We need to train our minds to read these hidden cues to judge if a person’s wavelength matches us or not.

Look for these subtle signs in a person if you want to find out about someone’s personality next time.

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