Top Mental Health Influencers on Instagram to Follow in 2022

  • January 25, 2022
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Mental Health Influencers

Maintaining mental health is a process. We find ourselves in need of a tune-up sometimes. Get your mental health back on track, without seeing a mental health professional by finding a good mental health influencer to follow or someone you can trust to help you learn to control your emotions. If you’re looking to meet someone like this, the best place to start is by browsing the profiles of top mental health advocates.

These individuals provide guidance, assist in alleviating depression, and help to clear the mind in a manner that does not appear to be treatment.

Top Mental Health Influencers of 2022

1. Joanna Konstantopoulou

Instagram: @healthpsychologyclinic

When it comes to physical and psychological well-being, Joanna Konstantopoulou is a specialist. She shares mental health advice, nutrition suggestions, and inspirational quotes on her Facebook page. Her most important piece of mental health advice is: “Prioritize your own health.”

In an interview with Verywell, she says, “Self-care is an essential aspect of our mental and physiological well-being.” Joanna makes an effort to foresee the difficulties she may face throughout the week to establish a strategy for taking care of herself. She sets aside time each week to focus on self-care for her own sake.

2. Hannah Daisy

Instagram: @makedaisychains

Hannah Daisy provides her readers with a simple solution to their mental health problems: a grin. She covers self-care, intrusive thoughts, and worry, among the themes. Humorous words accompany her artful postings. Over 165k people follow her because she stands up for the rights of the LGBTQ community and is forthright with her words.

3. Dr. Mariel Buque

Instagram: @dr.marielbuque

With more than 170 thousand followers, one of Dr. Mariel Buque’s primary aims is to assist people to recover from emotional wounds that have been passed down through the generations. Her posts cover a wide range of topics ranging from trauma to soul wounds and inner child healing to shadow work and healthy coping.

4. Bianca L. Rodriguez

Instagram: @youarecomplete

Her own battles with depression, anxiety, and drinking drove Bianca to become an advocate for those who are also struggling with mental illness. To “teach people how to connect with and utilize their intuition to become the fullest, most kickass version of themselves,” she focuses on the spiritual component of mental health.

She has found a worldwide network of like-minded people through her Instagram account. As the name of her Instagram account suggests, she wants to convey the notion that you are whole. She informs very well, “All the answers you seek lie within you.” When you’re feeling lost, the best thing to do is to seek guidance from a trusted mentor, healer, or spiritual counselor. “It’s up to you,” she says.

5. Beth Brawley

Instagram: @life_without_anxiety

Beth was encouraged to pursue a profession in psychology after experiencing the positive effects of therapy on her own anxiety. She focuses on treating anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and other repetitive habits centered around the body.

As she tells Verywell, “My aim is that I may serve as a helpful voice in the middle of life’s craziness.” Compassionate and uplifting, she offers encouraging words that push her followers to keep going. She concludes each of her Instagram posts with a reminder that she believes in them and their ability to overcome their challenges, which she often writes in the form of handwritten words and advice.

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6. Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

Instagram: @therapyforblackgirls

Therapy for Black Girls is hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, is a licensed psychologist who is also a sought-after speaker, author, and media personality. A psychology major at the Xavier University of Louisiana, she earned a Master’s in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling at Arkansas State University, and a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology at The University of Georgia, all before beginning her career in academia.

A member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Dr. Joy serves on the Crisis Text Line’s Advisory Board. As a mental health advocate for African-American women, she uses pop culture to teach psychological principles and make mental health issues more relatable to her audience.

7. Akanksha Bhatia

Instagram: @thatsappywriter

This beautiful lady invites readers to engage in a straightforward discussion about mental health challenges. Her Instagram page reveals the struggles and triumphs people struggling with anxiety face daily. At the age of sixteen, her own battle with anxiety compelled her to establish a platform where others could express their sympathies for those going through similar experiences.

8. Diandra Moreira

Instagram: @thesugarbadger

Diandra is a mental health blogger with a unique perspective on recovery. She is an expert on food addiction as she’s been there herself. Now she connects with others who are dealing with the same issue by sharing her own personal recovery strategy.

9. Dr. Colleen Reichmann

Instagram: @drcolleenreichmann

The Inside Scoop on Eating Disorder Recovery was written by clinical psychologist Dr. Colleen Reichmann. Quotes from her book and her own thoughts are displayed on her Instagram feed. She wants to be a source of inspiration and guidance for anyone struggling with eating disorders and their subsequent recovery.

10. Mari Stracke

Instagram: @maristracke

The reason she operates a mental health blog is that she is a writer and a storyteller. She decided to blog about her battle with depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with her 50,000 followers.


These influencers have helped thousands of others detect mental health concerns. They encourage healing through insight and guidance, which they have relied on themselves. They demonstrate that mental disorders can be managed with the right tools. Take a look at the blogs of these individuals and pick ones that speak to you.

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