8 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You’re Stuck

  • April 26, 2022
  • 5 min Reads
9 Ways to Motivate Yourself When You’re Stuck

Motivation is the primary thing that everyone seeks when they are down in their life or want to perform some impossible-looking task. It not only helps you achieve every milestone in life, but also inspires you to believe in your own abilities and skills. If you have friends and family who continuously motivate you to achieve your goals in life, then you are blessed. But sometimes, along with external motivation, you also require internal motivation to enhance your self-confidence and self-belief. This self-motivation can help you achieve small and big goals in your career and life.

Whether it’s learning to ride a bicycle or climbing Mount Everest, you cannot complete any task without self-belief and confidence. The most vital sources of these qualities are self-motivation and determination. But at some stages of life, you may start thinking of yourself as a useless person. It may also happen that, due to some tragedy, you are not able to find the motivation to choose the right path. It is the golden time when you need to motivate yourself so that you can achieve everything in the world. But how can you motivate yourself in such difficult circumstances? Don’t worry, we have found the top 9 ways in which you can motivate yourself when you are stuck.

Ways to motivate yourself when you feel stuck

  1. Capitalize on your peaks
  2. Act as though you feel motivated
  3. Stop multitasking
  4. Plan out your entire day
  5. Practice self-compassion
  6. Break everything down into small steps
  7. Check-in with yourself and be honest
  8. Give yourself a small reward for achieving small things

1)  Capitalize on your peaks

One cannot have the same mood at every hour of the day. For example, everyone has a period of time when they feel sleepy and are unable to perform any tasks. Furthermore, you will be most productive during certain times of the day. To achieve the maximum output from your day, you need to fully capitalize on your peak time. You must try to complete your important and creative tasks during this period. For instance, I know that my peak time is in the afternoon, so I always try to complete my articles in the evening rather than leave them for the next morning. You need to use the hit-and-trial method to find the peak time in your schedule and capitalize on that time for your creative tasks to motivate yourself.

2)  Act as though you feel motivated

Motivation will never come to you while sitting on a couch. Moreover, there is no advantage to stewing in the seat worrying about your life. You need to act as if the stress can never disturb your self-belief. If you feel confident wearing formal clothes and walking through your meeting room, then do that. Instead of stressing the ongoing failures, you must think about ways to motivate yourself and apply them to action. Self-motivation is more of a mental game than a physical one because the way you act and think will directly affect your internal motivation.

3)  Stop multitasking

Multitasking can become a hindrance to focusing on priorities. Moreover, multitasking can create a lot of stress in your mind as it forces you to think about many tasks simultaneously. It also slows down your task-performing power as you need to use it simultaneously for performing and focusing on many tasks at once. It can create mental demotivation in your brain as you will start thinking that you cannot do anything in life. If you want to stay motivated and get the best results, you need to plan and do one thing at a time.

4)  Plan out your entire day

Planning becomes vital when you have several tasks to be performed in a single day. Improper planning can create stress and a lot of traffic in your daily schedule. The proper structure of your daily routine can help you achieve the maximum output from your day. You must set aside time each day to create your daily routine, from morning exercise to going to sleep at night. A perfectly planned daily routine can become your weapon to motivate yourself.

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5)  Practice self-compassion

It is great if you have friends and family who provide you with love whenever you need it. But self-compassion is also a primary requirement for a happy and enjoyable life. Don’t be too hard on yourself for your mistakes. Never try to hurt yourself or consider yourself the worst person, but instead, give yourself a tap on the shoulder and realize your mistakes. Give yourself compassion after your failures to motivate yourself to have a positive start to resolving the problems. Be truthful with yourself concerning your mistakes, understanding the severity of what you’ve done and what you need to do to improve.  Self-compassion also helps you to maintain good mental health by providing you with internal happiness and joy by increasing your self-confidence after failures.

6)  Break everything down into small steps

Do not try to complete an entire task at once if it is complex. Instead, break it into smaller components. Doing larger tasks may lead to increased errors and failures, resulting in a demotivating effect on the mind and body. The success achieved in smaller tasks results in more self-confidence and motivation for performing other tasks. To motivate yourself and reach your goals on time, break the bigger tasks into smaller ones.

7)  Check-in with yourself and be honest

It is important to assess yourself to find out the difficulties you are currently facing and what could be the most promising solutions to the problems. Some problems can be solved easily, but others will require your attention and time. It is also critical to be honest with yourself, motivate yourself, and accept your mistakes in order to improve.

8)  Give yourself a small reward for achieving small things

Large accomplishments are always followed by small victories. Consequently, it is important to reward yourself with small gifts so that you will be more likely to reach bigger goals in the future.


Motivation is the key to achieving desired goals and progressing through a career and through life. Whenever life pulls you down, you need the motivation from the friends and family around you to step up again. Internal motivation is equally important to keep you charged up during your daily routine. Planning is the key by which you can keep yourself from being overwhelmed by a busy schedule. A planned daily routine can act as your secret weapon to motivate yourself and keep yourself away from stress.

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