10 Spiritual Goals to Set that Will Make you Happier

  • October 21, 2022
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10 Spiritual Goals to Set that Will Make you Happier

What comes to mind when you think about your life goals? Having a stunning body, earning money, purchasing a home? Do you realize what you were seeking when considering these? Happiness is the answer. Yes! Indeed, by utilizing these exterior forces, we attempt to create something delicate and internal.

And for this reason, we struggle so much to achieve even the most basic of goals, such as happiness or satisfaction. The key to happiness is first found within each of us. And all we need to do to achieve its realization is go within (or “Dive in You”). To achieve this, we must create spiritual goals for this journey. 

10 spiritual objectives

1. Become More Present Every Day

Social media has made it possible for people to become sidetracked more quickly than in the past. We could become so engaged in material that we lose sight of our immediate surroundings.

It prevents us from accomplishing any vital task and causes us to worry about what others are doing. Regaining focus, increasing your awareness throughout the day, and becoming more mindful will help eliminate negative emotions. You don’t have to spare much time on it either. You can spend a couple of moments being present before leaving for dinner.

2. Declare Intentions Daily

Make a list of your intentions for the day and start the day with them. Setting them isn’t a duty; instead, it appeals to your inner self in connection with the day ahead.

If the intention takes five minutes, set aside 15 minutes when you begin. Positive and realistic intentions are required. Intentions reveal the kind of person you hope to be before the world’s burden falls on your shoulders. 

3. Spread Love, Everywhere You Go

People with the ability to share the love are self-assured in their coping mechanisms, which enables them to overcome fear and enter a state of understanding and love. Instead of feeling threatened, differences of opinion become interesting.

The people that propagate love are the ones who will resolve the issues of those who tend to hatred because they are constantly seeking new resources, knowledge, and problem-solving techniques.

4. Gain a Deeper Understanding of Yourself

Is that all you do—catch a cab, go to meetings, work in the gym, or sleep in your living room? Okay, no! What is it about you? Indeed, this is a question that a lot of us encounter.

And neither a title like “Doctor” nor a relationship status like “Father,” “Daughter,” etc. can be the solution. The purpose of spiritual pursuits is to help you discover your inner self rather than your external reflections.

5. Forgive Someone Who Hurt You Before

The most challenging things in life aren’t always physically demanding. Some people prefer to climb mountains or lift weights before they can fully forgive anyone, including themselves. However, retaining anger often makes us feel depressed.

You will only be set free through forgiveness. You can start by extending grace to individuals when they offend you lightly, such as saying your order incorrectly at a restaurant or forgetting to pick up the item you requested on their way home. You might already feel better after forgiving just one person.

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6. Unplug Weekly

Establish a weekly “technology-free” dinner or hour with your family or for yourself. Be okay with your surroundings and break from social media. Enjoy the food and chat while sipping your favorite wine gently. You should keep mobile gadgets out of sight for this practice to be most effective. Turn off all screens, including the television.

7. Volunteer Your Time

Volunteering is one of the few activities that feed the soul and spirit. Yes, giving a few dollars does feel wonderful. Giving your time makes you feel better. You are compensated with influence, compassion, and thought.

It’s depressing to watch dozens of dogs in an animal shelter who haven’t taken a walk in a week, but you can make a difference in their lives and increase their chances of being adopted by volunteering for just an hour each week. You can mentor a youngster through Big Brothers Big Sisters and establish yourself as a reliable adult and admirable role model.

8. Meditation

Sometimes the only thing that you need to do is shut off your head and calm the commotion around you. The best thing for this is meditation. You just don’t need to be at home or on vacation to enjoy meditation.

It might be 15 minutes spent dozing off in your car with the air conditioning in the parking lot. Close your eyes, set a five- or ten-minute alarm on your phone, and concentrate on your breathing. As the oxygen fills your throat, lungs, and stomach, feel every movement.

9. Get Your Priorities Straight

Living by your priorities helps you value your time much more. For example, when I know my husband, who is my top priority, will be home in the evening, I will spend the day completing activities so that when he arrives, we can have quality time.

I can then be able to offer him my full attention. If you live by your values, you will experience more significant serenity, joy, and self-reward in your life. Determine what aspects of your life are crucial and what aspects are not.

10. Make Your Own Choices

You must make use of your freedom to decide on your behavior and attitude. Frustration is a sensation that you can manage just as much as acceptance.

You have the option to choose forgiveness over revenge and love over hatred. You have the option of continuing despite your setbacks or giving up. Remember that a crisis may bring out the best or worst in someone, and it’s up to you to make that decision.


Your spiritual objectives are ultimately up to you to choose. But these illustrations are an excellent place to begin if you want to cultivate or start living a more spiritual life. We hope these suggestions will have helped you move in the right direction.

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