Things the Overachievers Do Differently (But Never Talk About)

  • December 07, 2021
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things overachievers do differently

Overachiever – this term may bring some negative connotations like a “show off.” But, really, an overachiever is simply a person pushing towards better, bigger goals. Those who are not overachievers may consider them annoying because the overachievers leave them behind since they cannot keep up with those with a goal-oriented mindset.

Truthfully, many do not have an interest in constantly pursuing goals. They are happy to do the minimum and return home. The good thing about overachievers is that they do the work without fail. This makes them valuable at work and in other ways of life because they get ahead.

Here is what differentiates an overachieving person from others.

8 Things the Overachievers Do Differently 

1. Don’t Work a Typical 9-5

These people are constantly working.  They do more every day in less time and do not stick to a regular workday. By ignoring the regular 9-5 work schedule, they create a schedule that helps them meet their goals.

For example, they may wake up early to get the most from the morning hours when their productivity is at its peak. Proper planning helps them to meet deadlines. They schedule meetings and prioritize tasks to get an optimal output daily.

The flexibility of working hours has many advantages so that people can work around the other commitments and achieve their best. Efficient use of time makes the overachievers do more in less time.

2. Obsessed with Perfection

The overachievers set painfully high standards for themselves and others around them. This puts them in a league of their own. This may pay off in most cases especially with a focus on a single domain. Striking a balance between perfection and completion, they finish what they start while delivering high-quality results.

3. Enjoy Some Time Out

Resting is as important as working, so completely relaxing and disconnecting protects them from burning out. Overachievers schedule time to rest along with their work timetable.

Resting and recharging ensure prime effectiveness that helps them to meet their goals. Before starting the next activity, overachievers take some time to relax and regroup their thoughts and recharge their batteries. This is a smart strategy to remain efficient.

4. Thirst for Knowledge

The underachiever is happy to do the minimum work required and is happy to scrape by. They do not consider new knowledge necessary unless it has an actual use for them. The overachievers on the other hand embrace knowledge in every form. Engaging with like-minded people for intelligent conversations and facing daily challenges.

Overachievers believe that knowledge is power and never leave a chance to soak it up when possible. They volunteer even when they are not an expert. They are confident enough to pick up a new skill within days, and this helps them to get ahead. Overachievers understand that online courses are good for furthering knowledge.

They watch documentaries to understand everything better. To extend their worldview, they head off to exhibitions and museums. For them, everything is an opportunity to know more and learn about things. They use their time in a wise manner.

5. They Inspire

The overachievers learn that achieving targets is easier with delegation and collaboration. They inspire, motivate, encourage, and persuade those around them. It is easy for them to drive people around them crazy due to their perfectionism and stubbornness. However, others feel impressed by their greater vision and enthusiasm.

6. They Set Clear Goals

These people know how to reach their goals, which can be difficult with unclear and vague targets and an undefined deadline. Overachievers focus on personal education, constantly find new tasks, and read books to learn about goal-setting. They use their skills and time management techniques to remain competitive even when they haven’t mastered every skill.

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7. They Try to Avoid Failure

For overachievers, their feelings of self-worth lie in their competence and underlying anxiety regarding failure. Instead of striving for and setting goals to achieve success, the core motivation comes from the need to avoid failures.

This means that even a little setback makes them anxious and they handle seemingly-insignificant mistakes seriously. When they face their fears and learn from their mistakes, they can become unstoppable—moving forward with certainty and increased productivity.

8. They Are Not Driven by Money

The pressures from society drive an individual to get ahead financially and earn a living but this does not satisfy the overachiever. Their target drives them forward; “getting rich” is not the goal, but a result of meeting the goal.

They will make the necessary sacrifices to make this happen. Money does not drive them so they are willing to pass up big amounts just to get the opportunity to get closer to their goal.

Monetary sacrifices do not matter when the target is in sight.  Regular people, on the other hand, will never pass up an opportunity to make some money.  As a result, they lose sight of the goal easily.


You can start overachieving today, so start small because changing your life completely is impossible in one day. If you are new to this lifestyle, practice these new habits until they become a part of you.

Writing down your goals works as a constant reminder and it motivates you daily to remain on track and achieve success.

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