8 Toxic Habits You Should Relinquish (They are Making you Less Likable)

  • October 20, 2021
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Toxic Habits

Perfection is an illusion and nobody is perfect in this world. However, some people are less likeable than others because of their behaviours and habits. If you believe that some of your habits make you less likeable to others, then you have the power to change them.

It does not require complete transformation since your unique features and nature make you special. However, you have to identify the personality traits that others find less than desirable if you want them to enjoy your company. It is equally important to treat others in the same manner that you like to be treated.

It is difficult to change your habits because every person is comfortable with himself/herself. However, you have to exert yourself if you want to give up the toxic habits that affect your relationship with others.


8 Toxic Habits to Relinquish

1.  Constantly Humble-Bragging

You may become less likeable to others because of your toxic habit of humble-bragging. You may boast of something while pretending to be modest or may pretend to complain about something that others will desire. You may believe that no one can see through the smokescreen.

In reality, others may find this habit to be annoying if you repeatedly behave in this manner since you call for attention using deception with a belief that you can trick others.

2.  Emotional Hijacking

If you become extremely defensive or reactive and lash out at others when something goes wrong or someone behaves in a less than desirable manner, then this incident is known as ‘emotional hijacking’. The stressors (that you are reacting to) disable the higher cortex of the brain during ‘emotional hijacking’ and prevent you from making rational decisions.

Thus, it is essential to have control over your emotions when reacting to a stressor if you do not want to be labelled as an unapproachable, intimidating,  or unstable person.

3.  Not Listening

Active listening is a skill that makes you likeable to others. When you actively listen, you concentrate on what is being said to you while noticing the non-verbal clues instead of passively hearing the message.

You may offend a speaker if you are not attentive. Thus, it is essential to develop the skills of active listening and lose the habit of being inattentive to others’ words.

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4.  Being a Closed-Minded Person

An open-minded person considers other perspectives and can be empathetic to others. Therefore, an open-minded person seems approachable and interesting to others. If you have already formed an opinion about something or someone based upon preconceived notions, then you will be uninterested in listening to others.

No one wants to socialize with a person who passes judgment before trying to understand something from others’ perspectives. Therefore, it is important not to have a closed mind if you want to be liked by others.

5.  Being Dishonest

No one likes to be around an unreliable person. Will you want to befriend someone who is unreliable and undependable? Therefore, it is important not to lie or to use deceptive measures for personal gain in all spheres of life.

Honesty and reliability are important personality traits if you want to be likeable. However, it is important to remember that people dislike brutal honesty as much as deception and dishonesty.

6.  Sharing Too Much

A likeable person uses prudence when sharing any personal information. He/she will encourage the other person to guide the conversation and will open up at the right moment.

You will seem self-obsessed to others if you continue to talk about yourself without paying any attention to what others might have to share. Thus, it is important to have a balanced conversation by losing the habit of using others as the sounding board for your personal issues.

7.  Name-Dropping

You may have met many interesting and important people in your life. However, it is important not to mention their names in every conversation. Others will find you to be insecure if you are in the habit of repeatedly mentioning the names of the people you have known or met in your life.

Your conversation will seem superficial and will lose its value if you do this. You can win people over by being considerate and friendly instead of being desperate for attention.

8.  You Gossip Constantly

Gossiping is unhealthy for the mental health of a speaker as well as a listener since it is based on a casual conversation about other people or reports that cannot be supported by facts.

You will come across as spiteful and negative when you gossip about others. You will also hurt the people you are gossiping about. Thus, it is essential to get rid of this habit.


A likeable person is perceived as a pleasant, open-minded, and amiable individual with good values. Thus, your likeability depends upon how others perceive you. Hence, it is essential to get rid of habits that may seem annoying or ridiculous to others if you want to be liked by others.

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