How to Travel on a Budget?

  • June 24, 2021
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Travel on budget

Everyone loves a good bargain no doubt. The good news is that there are ways to save money when you are traveling, provided you know-how. Spending less on one aspect of travel allows you more freedom on another. Traveling on a budget isn’t any less fun.

Around the world, there are a number of places that offer you an affordable escape. When traveling, use the right strategies for saving money, and plan your budget carefully prior to leaving. You may consider car-sharing, backpacking, and cooking meals when on the trip.


10 Tips on how to travel on a budget

1. Prepare and plan in advance

Budgeting as you know helps to manage money right, so create a daily budget to make traveling affordable. This minimizes worries about over-spending. Budget calculators are useful tools that allow you to save for travel to any country you wish.

They factor in the exchange rates for that country and keep you on track. These also help to track the entertainment, transportation, and accommodation costs as well. Keep some cash with you to handle unexpected emergencies or to play with. Backup methods of payment like debit and credit cards work well in such scenarios.

2. Choose lesser-known destinations

Tourist hot spots and big cities tend to be expensive so try choosing lesser-known destinations. Within such destinations, avoid the eateries on the major thoroughfares. Explore places down the sidewalks instead as the food there is both better and cheaper.

3. Travel out of season 

Do not plan your trip when the school breaks start because the industry hikes the prices during this time. Families tend to travel at this time and the travel industry wants to make the most of this situation. Choose your destination and find the best time to visit. After this, travel just after or before these dates for your budget trip.

It is the shoulder time to visit these places where you can enjoy a fantastic trip as there may be less sun. In some cases, less sun can mean more pleasant weather. The airline and hospitality industries lower prices to attract visitors.

4. Have alternate accommodations

When you are traveling internationally, consider some alternative accommodations that may be cheaper or even free of cost. There are several ways to budget travel when abroad. You can even become a part of local communities and develop friendships that last for a lifetime.

5. Fly mid-week

During the weekends, the flights tend to be more expensive since the people are ready to travel. When possible, it is a good idea to travel between Tuesday and Thursday.

6. Embrace public transport

Know that in comparison to planes, trains and buses are usually cheaper. When you are journeying by the train overnight, that is one less night at a hotel which reduces cost. This means you save money by using public transport. It is a good option when you are traveling on a budget.

7. Pack well

Packing lights should be the norm when you are traveling on a budget. In general, you seldom wear even half of what you pack in your luggage so why not start with less?

This helps you to save money when transporting your things. Still, make sure that you are taking everything needed for the trip and do not forget important items. Purchasing essentials when traveling would cost more when abroad so pack carefully.

8. Eat local, fresh food

You can purchase cheap lunches at the supermarket or the local food market. Do not eat at an expensive restaurant or an overpriced cafe when traveling on a budget. Look around and explore the local scene before making an order so that you do not overspend.

For example, ordering alcohol with each meal gets expensive so consider water instead, ensuring that it is safe to drink. 

Spare rooms or hostels tend to have en-suite kitchens available. Save some money by cooking for yourself.

9. Make most out of your flight layovers

When you are looking to optimize the travel budget, one good way is to reserve connecting flights. There is always a chance of having a minimum of one layover through the airline. You could possibly use the layover time to explore the city. 

Airlines today partner with countries of operation to advertise tourist attractions. It is possible to book a seven-night stay in Iceland for example without extra costs. They may even let you book tour guides without additional costs.

Even though prices vary with each airline, the benefits associated with customization make this worthwhile.

10. Earn while you travel

There are ways to earn even as you travel and see the world so this makes traveling on a budget look like a charm. Consider this as an opportunity to give something back to the community.

You can volunteer on an international stage in the course of your vacation. Examples of this include instructing kids to play football or taking part in wildlife conservation depending on your travel destination.

Many organizations allow visitors to volunteer abroad. Just ensure that it is a reputable organization. Go through past reviews to make up your mind. The aim is to do a budget-friendly tour and offer skills to communities that find them useful.

Teaching abroad is another option.  You can teach English in classrooms in various parts of the world. Take up temporary employment as a translator or tutor. Sign up for teaching English and the agency will help you with the needed documents and work visa.

There is even a possibility to get payments even as you travel abroad. When flying to some expensive destinations, you can travel through travel gigs or work exchange to make this affordable. Besides teaching, you can look for childcare jobs too.

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Money is the biggest inhibitor when it comes to traveling but this should not be so. When planned right, traveling on a budget can lead to amazing international experiences.

The best news is that it does not even put a big dent in the wallet.  Spending money wisely is relatively easy and a rewarding experience. Use money-saving hacks to have a dream vacation and create great memories for you and your family.

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