8 Signs of a Trustworthy Person

Trustworthy Person

The foundation of every relationship is Trust. Without trust, things crumble and bonds are broken. Trust helps build an enriching, loving, and long relationship that sustains itself through the years. Finding a trustworthy person is never easy. Trust should be the qualification for any relationship so here are some signs of a person you can depend on, no matter the type of relationship.

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Signs of a Trustworthy Person

1. You feel relaxed around them

You can relax with such a person because you are aware that they are not hiding anything from you or would try to manipulate you. You do not need to hide anything from them, and you can be vulnerable and open enough to have a heart-to-heart conversation.

2. They respect boundaries

It is important to respect each other’s boundaries in all types of relationships as this forms the foundation of togetherness. With the progress of the relationship, both of you continue to feel comfortable. Someone who constantly pushes your boundaries is not trustworthy because he or she wants to control you without thinking about your needs and comfort. It is always about them and their needs.

3. They show compassion

This shows that the other person thinks of others too and is not a self-centred type. Trustworthy people show genuine concern when something goes wrong. Along with that, they do not encroach on your space or betray you when you confide in them.

4. They treat others with respect

The way they speak about others is important too so you should consider this aspect seriously. This can reveal any inconsistencies in the relationship or problems lying deep down. A person who is mean to others may not be showing their true self to you and is not trustworthy.

5. They are Honest Even When it Hurts

You may not like to hear the truth because it may hurt sometimes. Still, this is better than staying with someone who lies to you from time to time. A person ready to be honest is trustworthy so that you can discuss things like careers and personal goals among other things. Such a person is both respectful and honest. By telling the truth their aim is not to hurt you in any way because they have your best interests at heart. Beware of those who withhold truth to make you “happy.”  

6. They Confide in You

You cannot confide in a person without trust.  Trustworthy people want someone to confide in, knowing they themselves are capable of keeping secrets. When someone is confiding in you, know that he or she trusts you completely and expects you to do the same.

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7. Their Actions Match Their Words

This is one of the important measures of trustworthiness because while saying, I love you seems easy, following it through with actions is not. When a person is simply all talk and never an actual commitment, trusting him or her is impossible. The same is true with the promises made because when someone fails to keep them, he or she does not deserve your trust. Words prove to be meaningless unless backed by actions. You can rely on someone who keeps his or her word.

8. They hold themselves accountable

Trustworthy people admit fault and do not try justifying any wrongdoings. They do not put the blame where it does not lie. The best people accept responsibility for the mistakes and face consequences resulting from the decisions. They feel accountable not only to you and others but most importantly to themselves.


For trustworthiness, be on the lookout because this characteristic forms the bedrock of every relationship. Believing in someone completely is never easy and this is a fragile thing. Trust wisely because not everyone respects its value. It shows your belief in the strength, ability, reliability, and truth of the other person. Ultimately, this makes or breaks the relationship. Consider the signs discussed above along with your better judgment to put your trust in the right people so that there are no regrets later.

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