7 Signs of Unhealthy Boundaries Affecting your Mental Health

Unhealthy Boundaries

It is essential to have personal boundaries for a healthy, meaningful, and happy life. Avoiding Unhealthy boundaries involves making good choices, staying away from danger, and remaining aligned with your personal mission, goals, and values.

Avoid getting into unhealthy relationships, set personal limits, stay away from unhappy patterns of personality, and false beliefs. It is important to foster respect, understanding, and honesty in relationships, allocate resources and money wisely, and care for your emotional well-being and physical health.  Although sometimes we set unhealthy boundaries that might affect our mental health, here are some signs. Take a look.

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Signs of Unhealthy Boundaries

1. You are not honest when you feel like you are not treated right

Your voice is your power. It is the way you express how you want to be treated. When you go silent instead of speaking up for yourself, you open the door for mistreatment and misuse.  Some may think that taking a firm stance will push people away. In some cases this is true.

However, the people who leave are usually the ones who do not respect or agree with the set boundary. Keep in mind that the best people for you are the ones who honor your boundaries. As you empower yourself to speak up, your environment will change for the better. 

2. You feel like other people don’t show you respect

Unhealthy boundaries make people act negatively around you and this leads to a feeling of disrespect. Having personal boundaries allows you to recognize this in others too.

3. You feel like you must be obedient 

Instead of understanding and meeting your own needs and desires, you often comply with the wishes of others more than your own. Parents may make choices about their schooling or career.

Even in relationships, you may bow to the desires of your partner and your wishes simply do not matter. You may even rely heavily on the words of a mentor or spiritual guide.  Look within to determine if the choices you have made for others have improved your quality of life. 

4. Accepting things even when you don’t want them

It may be difficult for you to turn down requests, invitations, offers, and gifts.  This is an example of unhealthy limitations. Those having trouble turning down things or taking things they do not require, like, or won’t feel resentful or overburdened.  It is ok to say no to what you don’t want. Watch how people respond in those situations. 

5. You are constantly the victim of the situation

Such people feel vulnerable and others take advantage of them in both subtle and obvious ways. There is always the feeling of blame and overlooking by others whether at work, in social circles, or in the family. For some people, it seems, things always go wrong.

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6. You feel resentful even though you agree to other people’s requests

Even as you agree to expectations, requests, and invitations, there is resentment deep within. There is a silent complaint regarding how audacious others are even as you are fulfilling their wishes.

Resentment is a sign of not respecting your own personal limits adequately or allowing others to impose values, expectations, and opinions on you.

7. Trying to please everyone around you

Feeling needed may make a person feel full, and this is the time to understand why. You are allowing your role as the husband, wife, mother, or friend to define who you are.

This makes you forget the person you are deep within. Stop trying to please everyone. It is within your rights to be someone outside of these roles so embrace that fact to enjoy your life better and have personal fulfillment.


Personal boundaries refer to the set limits that facilitate things enhancing your life without allowing things detracting from it like internal beliefs, places, people, experiences, and activities. This gives protection against personal control, manipulation, abuse, or harm by others.

With personal boundaries, you can safeguard both energy and time with a focus on personal dreams and goals. It lets you be yourself and defines you. Personal investment helps a person to deal with career problems, relationship issues, and friendships.

Did this article make you think of the healthy boundaries in your life? Let us know in the comments if it helped you.

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