9 Reasons on Why Our Life is Complicated

why our life is complicated

Living a complicated lifestyle is not always beneficial, and we should simplify our lives as much as possible. Why, then, do we complicate things? The truth is that we confuse our lives for various reasons, some beneficial and some terrible. Most people have complex lives and even go so far as to complicate the lives of others. Do you have a job that you despise? Do you have a bad relationship? Are you leaving crucial things unfinished? If you answered yes, you complicate your life in ways you could not comprehend. We do numerous things to complicate our lives; I’ll detail a few of them, so you’re not unaware of them. 

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Reasons why our life is Complicated

1. We Lack Awareness

Many of us are unaware that many things are sucking away our time, energy, and attention in our everyday lives. Overpower has become a habit that we have accepted as reality.

A literal illustration is a stack of periodicals on your coffee table, unopened, gathering dust, and piling up one issue at a time from your mailbox. You’re used to having magazines around, so it doesn’t seem like a huge deal. You almost don’t see it anymore because it’s become a permanent fixture on your table. Little do you realize that every time you view this stack (directly or indirectly), it subconsciously adds stress and drains your energy. The stack signifies unfulfilled magazine reading goals, another item on the never-ending list, and yet another failure to act. How many magazines do you have in your life?

2. We Procrastinate

The ideal time to do anything never seems to arrive, so we wait. Work appears difficult, so we wait for it to become more accessible, not recognizing that absolutely nothing will change until we decide to begin. “I’ll write those books,” “I’ll read those books,” and “I’ll start that business when the time is right” are just a few of the many claims made by procrastinators.

The more we procrastinate, the more complex the process becomes. Procrastination, believe me, can turn into a habit, an evil one that serves little or no purpose. Procrastination has various risks that cannot be avoided unless you sit down and compose those books, study those books, and start that business. Begin right now.

3. We Worry

Worry is the parent of a difficult life. The more we stress, the longer it takes to solve problems. We often don’t even deal with real difficulties but imaginary ones. Nonetheless, we are concerned. Worrying takes away our joy, removes our tranquility of mind, and destroys our life. A problem is only as big as the power you allow it. The energy we expend on our issues can be used to find solutions.

4. We Feed Into the Drama

One of the foundations of a complicated life is drama. Indulging in other people’s drama and allowing your drama to run wild will leave you more worried and miserable than ever imagined. Some people thrive on drama and don’t consider themselves to have had a great day until they’ve been engaged in some trivial circumstance that makes somebody else seem awful. Stop judging and start loving. Choose to recognize the best in others and assist them in bringing it out.

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5. We Constantly Flee from Life’s Challenges

You were mistaken if you’ve ever procrastinated and believed it was the worst that could happen. When one procrastinates, the individual is still willing to do what is required, but fleeing with life issues is accepting that one can do nothing about a particular situation. It is typically the result of procrastination.

Every time we give in to failure or defeat, we lose self-esteem and confidence, begin to think negatively about ourselves and make a complicated life in ways we cannot anticipate. Why be afraid of minor details when you can take charge of every aspect of your life? You can accomplish it if you can think about it.

6. We Seek Constant Validation from Others

Build a life that feels good inside to YOU, not just on the exterior to everyone else. Don’t be afraid to walk along the less traveled path, and don’t be scared to take in every second of it.

7. We Make Assumptions

Man is aware of two types of realities: subjective and objective. I assume that living creatures do not have access to objective reality. It explains how things indeed are in the universe. We’ll never have such knowledge because there are so many things we don’t know and don’t realize we don’t know. Though man strives for such knowledge, that is one struggle we may never win.

We make up stories about things because we don’t know how they are. It gets us to subjective reality, where the premise is the focal point. Things are interpreted and related based on what we believe they are.

8. Our Belief in Busy-ness

We’ve been taught that the more duties we have, the more events we participate in, and the more chores we complete, the better off we will be. We believe that to be more successful, we must work harder, do more, and be continuously on the lookout for the following. What typically occurs is that we don’t feel any more accomplished when we get the job or new car.

9. We Often Blame Others

Making somebody else responsible for unpleasant events that occur to us is the fine art of blaming others. We frequently take credit when things go right in our lives but blame circumstances if things go wrong. They always give one excuse or another for things they are supposed to be accountable for. Blaming circumstance is one thing; blaming individuals, particularly those near you is quite another. It destroys healthy connections, kills your beneficial influence on others and yourself, and complicates life. Accept accountability for your actions and lack of actions.


It will be much easier for you to do whatever comes your way to avoid a complicated life. Because they involve so little work on our behalf, the most straightforward endeavors are frequently the most difficult. All significant achievements have one feature in common: they are all simple. The principle of simplicity can be applied to all aspects of your life. When distractions are reduced, you are more likely to concentrate on what is essential.

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