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Divine You is an application that provides users with daily guidance and practices used to establish personal, financial, and generational wholeness.

Imagine your life on January 1, 2020. New Years resolutions are set as you expect 2020 to be the best year of your life. You’re excited and encouraged about new friends, new job opportunities, and a new outlook. Then the COVID-19 pandemic shakes the world. Family members fall ill, finances become uncertain, and daily routines are disrupted as you try to establish a “new normal.”

So what do you do when the world around you changes so rapidly? “Dive In You.” As the world shifts, you too can shift into your most authentic and enlightened self.

Make the choice to feed your soul with information that will keep you grounded when the flow of life becomes a flood.


Explore topics regarding one’s character, relationships, emotions, financial freedom and more!

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