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Fostering a culture of mindfulness and mental fitness in the workplace

Divine You at Work is a mindfulness and mental fitness-based emotional and mental health benefit that supports your team's mental well-being. With industry leading utilization rates it offers access to hundreds of meditations, articles, and affirmations for anxiety, stress, focus, sleep, and more.

Our Plans

From small teams to enterprise organizations, we have a suitable plan for your varying needs. Questions? Check out our FAQ.

Group Plan


5–25 Employees

For smaller groups and organizations, DYW Business offers a user-friendly, do-it-yourself activation process that takes just minutes to complete.

  • Unlimited access to premium Divine You at Work
  • Basic engagement resources via Partner Portal

Organization Plan


25 + Employees

See firsthand how DYW Business can strategically partner with you to help achieve your employees' emotional and mental health goals by requesting a demo.

  • Gain unrestricted access to exclusive Divine You at Work content.
  • Advanced engagement resources via Partner Portal
  • Segmented analytics
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Dependent coverage

How it works

DYW Premium for employees

Get unlimited access to our emotional and mental health collection, available anytime and anywhere.


Access pre-designed content to continuously foster employee engagement with Divine You at Work.

Work-life content collections

The content is specifically designed to aid employees in enhancing their emotional and mental health, whether it's prior to, during, or post-work.

Customer Success Manager

We provide trustworthy and industry-leading Customer Success Managers who will work alongside you to execute your emotional and mental health strategies with excellence.

Segmented Analytics

Detailed and aggregate employee engagement reporting that’ll help you understand usage trends across your workforce while protecting employee privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Divine You at Work is a program designed to prioritize emotional and mental health in the workplace. It offers a comprehensive approach to employee well-being, including resources and tools for emotional and mental health support, stress management, and personal growth. The program is customizable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual organizations. Divine You at Work aims to create a positive work environment, increase employee satisfaction and productivity, and reduce absenteeism and turnover rates.

Within 24 hours of purchase, your Group Plan will commence, and it will automatically renew on a yearly basis. You will receive an email from info@Divineyouwellness.com that will provide a representative with login credentials, including an email and password, as well as instructions on how to begin. Once you enter the Divine You Portal, you can upload a list of eligible team members' email addresses and phone numbers. After the file is uploaded, your team members can activate their Divine You accounts through a unique URL. Individuals you invite to join your group can claim a seat at any time, as long as the Group Plan remains active. The timing of the seat redemptions will not alter the subscription's auto-renewal date. For instance, if a team member waits for three months before claiming their seat, the subscription will still auto-renew one year from the purchase date.

Divine You provides the Business Plan, which enables groups of 5 to 25 employees to purchase the plan at a reduced cost. This plan offers the same full collection of Divine You content and resources as an individual subscription to Divine You Premium. Additionally, administrators of the Team Plan can access the Divine You Partner Portal, a self-serve platform for managing team members and monitoring their usage of Divine You. The plan also includes employee engagement resources designed to encourage team members to make use of Divine You's various in-app content.

Our Group Plan's cost is determined by the number of covered seats you intend to buy, with the possibility of receiving a greater discount for larger purchases. While the pricing is tailored to your team's size, here are some approximate estimates for reference (please keep in mind that the Group Plan is currently available only in USD for up to 25 seats):
• 5 seats: $224.95 (10% Discount)
• 10 seats: $449.90 (15% Discount)
• 15 seats: $674.85 (20% Discount)
• 20 seats: $899.90 (25% Discount)
• 25 seats $1124.75 (30% Discount)
Upon the purchase of a Group Plan, the payment method used at checkout (limited to major credit and debit cards only) will be charged as a single upfront payment for the entire year. The subscription will be activated instantly and scheduled to auto-renew at the conclusion of each annual billing cycle.

The price of the Organization Plan will depend on the number of employees you wish to provide with Divine You at Work and your organization's specific requirements. Following a comprehensive assessment with our sales team, you will receive a custom quote that covers billing terms and schedules. To get further information, please schedule a demo here, and one of our sales experts will contact you with more details. Get in touch with our team of Divine You at Work specialists today to see how we can help your organization prioritize mental health initiatives. Introduce the Divine You at Work program to your business and enhance your workforce's overall emotional and mental health.

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