10 Ways to Escape Inner Conflict: Discover Path to Your Joy

  • December 27, 2023
  • 5 min Reads
Inner Conflict

Are your preferences in life always at war with what you believe your choices should be? Do you have a nagging voice behind you? Are you battling an inner conflict that prevents you from staying happy?

You have certainly landed on the right page.

Most of us struggle with inner conflict at one time or another. For instance, one could get it from society, individual convictions, or prior lives. Such a war will make you feel stuck and sad as you find it hard to enjoy the things you love the most.

If you are fed up with being at war with yourselves, we have met at the right time. This post discusses how to find your joy through working through inner conflicts. It offers ten efficient ways of doing so. If you adopt these tactics, it would result in the conquest of such internal struggle and, thus, have a happy life.

What is an Internal Conflict?

Inward conflict occurs in a person’s mind, where such an individual experiences contradictory thoughts and feelings or even clashing ideas. It is a normal human experience that may derive from one’s values, those of society, or past experiences, among others. This inner conflict can make a person feel drained and can, therefore, affect such aspects as personal growth and happiness. Nevertheless, there is an alternative way out of this agony and into happiness.

What Causes Internal Conflicts?

Conflicts can also spring forth within an individual caused by contradicting personal convictions, views, or wants. It is not easy to handle these conflicts. They are very serious and touch a person’s health and the choice he has to make.

  • One common cause of internal conflict is conflicting values. People often hold multiple values that may contradict each other, such as the desire for personal success and the belief in the importance of work-life balance.
  • Another cause of internal conflict is conflicting goals or desires. People often have multiple goals or desires that may be competing with each other.
  • Past experiences and traumas can also contribute to inner conflicts. Negative experiences or unresolved issues from the past can create conflicting emotions and beliefs, making it difficult for individuals to make decisions or move forward.

So, internal conflicts can be caused by a range of factors, including conflicting values, goals, past experiences, and societal expectations. Understanding these causes can help individuals navigate their internal conflicts and make decisions that align with their true selves.

Ways To Escape Inner Conflicts

  1. Identify and acknowledge the conflict
  2. Detachment
  3. Practice forgiveness
  4. Gain Clarity
  5. Investigate the genesis of the dispute
  6. Practice mindfulness meditation
  7. Make time for yourself
  8. Take a calm mind and think of a way out
  9. Keep a journal
  10. Get back to nature

Explore some of the most effective steps that can help you get rid of inner conflicts hassle-free.

1. Identify and acknowledge the conflict

To resolve this, you need to first realize that there is a war going on inside you. However, this entails being conscious enough and realizing that certain thoughts, conflicts, feelings, or different desires arise within you.

2. Detachment

Separation from the conflict is necessary once you have identified the conflict. Here, it means objectively viewing the conflict. Doing so will enable you to look at all sides of the conflict as well as identify its implications on your part.

3. Practice forgiveness

Many internal conflicts stem from past experiences, traumas, or errors. Therefore, to work out these conflicts, forgiveness is a very vital practice. This involves pardoning yourself for some past errors and disappointments, as well as letting pass all those individuals who could be involved in making a conflict.

4. Gain Clarity

You need to figure out what matters to you to resolve internal conflicts. This could be pondering over what you believe in what is important to you. Therefore, by becoming clear, you will be able to know why the conflicts are arising and to take decisions in line with your true self.

5. Investigate the genesis of the dispute.

For many internal conflicts, there will be a cause or trigger. Studying where the problem comes from will let you know why it is happening and how that affects you. Some examples of this could be reflecting on one’s previous experiences, one’s childhood upbringing, or even previous relationships that played a part in the conflict.

6. Practice mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation can be an effective solution to inner conflict. The practice of being aware but without judgment of yourself through observing your mind, feelings, and sensations is called mindfulness. Being objective will help you watch the dispute without being part of it, which brings clarity to the issue.

7. Make time for yourself

Amid these internal conflicts, make some time for yourself. Such as participating in activities that make you happy and enjoy life, pampering yourself, and just spending quality leisure time relaxing and revitalizing. Setting aside time for yourself will give you a different point of view on the situation. It will also tone down the situation.

8. Take a calm mind and think of a way out.

Racing thoughts and overwhelmed feelings often stem from internal conflicts. One way of calming your mind is going for deep breathing, meditating, or even practicing yoga; this could be of great help in finding a reasonable resolution to the conflict. When you quiet your mind, listen and understand what your intuition is telling you. Make decisions based on your feelings, thoughts, and inner needs.

9. Keep a journal

Journaling is one of the most effective ways to resolve all kinds of inner conflict. Putting down these feelings and perceptions in simple words will help you explore your emotions and see who the problem is. Journaling is another method you can use for tracking your progress and identifying potential themes and triggers for the disagreement.

10. Get back to nature

Nature has immense power in settling inner conflicts. It is through nature that we are grounded and linked to something bigger than ourselves. You can get yourself into clarity, peace, and even a different view of the conflict when you let go for a few hours in the countryside.

Final Thoughts

So, it is normal for humans to have such internal conflicts. Nonetheless, recognizing this conflict and practicing detachment, forgiveness, mindfulness, clear thinking, source investigation, me time, calm down mind, journaling, or return to nature will help you resolve this conflict and maintain inner peace. Remember, resolving internal conflicts takes time and patience, but with persistence, you can overcome them and live a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

By Divine You Wellness

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