Are You Compatible With Your Partner? (Find Out With These 10 Signs)

  • October 22, 2021
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The saying “opposites attract” is usually true for most couples, however, it’s the compatibility that keeps them together. Attraction and compatibility are different and both are important for a healthy relationship.  

Did you ever wonder why you instantly hit it off with a date? Compatibility is the magic potion that worked for you. It determines if two individuals are in synchronization with each other’s feelings, and it is essential for building and maintaining a long-term relationship.  

True compatibility stems from the fact that your personalities intermingle. You may find a partner who is free-spirited like you, shares your values and beliefs but may have different life goals. Perhaps, they are exactly opposite to your personality, but they stand with you through the thick and thin of life. When your partner complements your personality, that could lead to great compatibility and chemistry.


10 Signs of Compatablity

1. You like their personality and feel connected

Friendship is the foundation of a relationship. It enables you and your partner to connect and understand each other. With the meeting of minds and souls, you enjoy spending time with them and find their flaws acceptable which further boosts your fondness for them.  

2. You have common values

Values are critical to the growth of a relationship. People with similar belief systems tend to stay together, as they can easily understand their partner’s viewpoints although they may not always agree.

Money, religion, and relationship type (monogamous or polygamous) are a few fundamental values that most couples share their opinion on. Hence, discussing them during the initial stages of your relationship can save you both from heartbreak.

3. You are comfortable around them

If you feel that you can be honest with your partner, it indicates that a comfort level has developed between you. You now want to share your past, discuss the future, and want them to be a part of your present. Dressing up for a few initial dates is normal but if your partner accepts you in your sweatpants or without make-up, this is a good sign. However, if you constantly stress over unrealistic standards of beauty or are insecure in your relationship, it’s time to move on. For a real and lasting relationship, acceptance of true self by both partners and the effort to always improve is important.  

4. Your partner finds your flaws endearing

Perfection is an idea that ceases to exist in the practical world, as we humans are flawed. Opposites attract but may soon fizzle out when the flaws are staring in the face. What keeps a relationship ticking is love, compassion, and acceptance of each other’s flaws. Loving your partner unconditionally is the perfect way to maintain a healthy relationship.  

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5. You have an acceptable difference

Your partner enjoying an activity that you have never tried but are curious about can strengthen your relationship. These acceptable differences open new avenues to discover your partner and yourself. Engaging with your partner in outdoor or indoor activities that push you out of your comfort zone and make your life exciting is a great way to build greater compatibility and comfort levels.      

For instance, attending a cooking class or a baseball game with your partner will certainly offer you both great conversations and quality time spent.

6. You can be your true self around them

If you can be your true self without being rejected after the first few dates, you can be sure that you both are on the right track. Often, relationships fail because partners have a preconceived notion of how a relationship or their partner should appear, or they have fallen in love with your mask and not your honest personality.  

7. You can compromise

Handling conflict can be a deal maker or breaker. How you and your partner manage a conflict during the initial dates can significantly foretell your future. If you both can easily compromise on conflicts; it’s a good indicator of a lasting relationship that would weather through over time. However, constant bickering only leads to a rotting relationship that would soon cause heartbreak to both partners. Hence, before you commit to a relationship evaluate how you and your partner resolve fights.    

8. You don’t question the love in the relationship

In a secure relationship, you feel confident about your partner loving you back despite arguments. It’s a strong sign that you both share great computability and would stick through the thick and thin until death does you apart. However, an insecure or fearful relationship would make you question your commitment to the relationship or its existence.  

9. Your partner is the one you want to share your news with

If you share happy or sad news first with your partner then your family or friends, that says a lot about how you view your partner. Being vulnerable to your partner takes a great amount of trust, and only the strongest couples can withstand the test of time to emerge victoriously.  

If you allow your partner to assist you during difficult times, or shoulder your responsibilities, or are comfortable sharing news that would impact your bond then you can be assured of a safe and loving relationship for a lifetime.  

10. There is still a mutual attraction 

Physical intimacy is important for building a trusting and worthy relationship, however when the carnal desires fizzle out, do you still feel attracted to your partner? Emotional, mental, and spiritual compatibility offers a spark to your relationship that keeps it moving ahead in the right direction even when sex gets boring.    


With these 10 telltale signs, you can evaluate the compatibility of your relationship and work towards strengthening your bonds or discovering if you both are compatible for a long-term haul.

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