10 Characteristics of Low Self Esteem

Person with Low Self-Esteem

What is low Self-Esteem?

Your self-esteem is simply the assessment you have of yourself. When you have high self-esteem, you will in general ponder about yourself, and hopefully about existence overall.

At the point when you experience difficulties, you feel certain that you will be capable of handling them. Individuals with solid self-esteem realize that they are important and will actually be glad to express their positive attributes, for example, “I’m an old buddy”, “I’m benevolent”, “I’m straightforward”, or “I’m a decent dad”.

No one is brought into the world with low self-esteem – it is created because of the encounters we have had for the duration of our lives. At the focal point of low self-esteem lie the convictions and suppositions we hold about ourselves.

We disclose to ourselves anecdotes concerning what our identity is and structure conclusions about ourselves. These assessments can sort ‘out’ like they are ‘certainties’ forever. Actually, however, they are simply stories or marks, and they don’t catch the full reality of what our identity is.

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Reason for Low Self-Esteem

Your base degree of self-esteem frames principally during your formative years, from youthful adolescence into youthful adulthood. This is the time in your life when you foster your self-personality and begin to frame a comprehension of how you fit into the bigger world.

The encounters you have in your young life can lastingly affect how you see yourself. On the off chance that you didn’t get enough consideration or attention as a kid, that might convert into sensations of uselessness as a grown-up. If your folks had low self-esteem, you may unknowingly emulate the manner in which they feel about themselves.

Social powers like prejudice, inequity, sexism, and ableism can likewise impact how we contemplate ourselves. These forced frameworks approach us from all sides, from helpless portrayals in the media to perceived hostilities from educators and neighbors. While a lot of us navigate through these messages with our self-esteem intact, that isn’t the situation for everybody.

Indications of Low Self-Esteem

  1. Poor Confidence
  2. You feel Needy and Unworthy
  3. Worry and Self-Doubt
  4. Negative Self-Talk
  5. “Comparison-itis”
  6. You Procrastinate on your Passion
  7. You are Unwilling to Enforce Healthy Boundaries
  8. You Have a Poor Self-Image
  9. You are Extremely Sensitive
  10. You are a People Pleaser

1. Poor Confidence

Individuals with low self-certainty will in general have low self-esteem. Being positive about yourself and your capacities allows you to realize that you can depend on yourself to overcome various circumstances.

2. You feel Needy and Unworthy

Perhaps you feel as if you don’t merit love, acclaim, or a raise at work. This is straightforwardly identified with how you esteem yourself and your capacities.

3. Worry and Self-Doubt

Even in the wake of settling on a choice, individuals who have low self-worth regularly stress that they’ve settled on some unacceptable decision. They question their own viewpoints and may regularly concede to others’ opinions as opposed to adhering to their decisions.

4. Negative Self-Talk

Low self-esteem makes individuals center around their imperfections as opposed to their qualities. Instead of developing themselves with positive self-talk, they generally have something negative to say about themselves.

They fault themselves when things turn out badly and consistently see a problem with some part of themselves, regardless of whether it is their appearance, their character, or their capabilities.

5. “Comparison-itis”

We as a whole will generally play the examination game. Contrasting yourself with others can assist you with accomplishing your objectives or move you to work harder in the working environment.

Yet, in the event that this turns into an incessant propensity and starts to adversely affect your psychological wellness, it could be an indication that you need to refocus on yourself.

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6. You Procrastinate on your Passion

Obviously, we all hesitate from time to time. Be that as it may, individuals with low self-esteem frequently dawdle. They get the ordinary, regular stuff done on schedule. However, they delay on the exercises they care most about because they don’t entrust themselves with their most significant objectives.

On the other hand, individuals with solid self-esteem trust themselves to seek after their interests regardless of whether it leads to disappointment, missteps, or dissatisfaction. 

7. You are Unwilling to Enforce Healthy Boundaries

We show people how to treat us based on the boundaries we set with them. A large portion of us realizes the importance of creating stopping points, particularly with troublesome individuals in our lives. The difficulty, regardless of whether we put down a solid boundary, is consistently upholding it.

8. You Have a Poor Self-Image

Do you call yourself “fat” or “appalling” and judge what you look like when looking in the mirror? If so, it makes sense why you may look down on yourself.

Dismissing praises is one more illustration of negative self-esteem. You could simply be unassuming, yet regularly dismissing compliments as opposed to saying “thank you” can mean you don’t accept those things are valid.

9. You are Extremely Sensitive

When you are experiencing low self-esteem, it can truly influence your well-being and cause you to feel incredibly touchy.

Little things like your companion not reacting to your texts immediately, or your supervisor requesting that you make changes to a specific archive may change your temperament, making you believe you’re not adequate.

Indeed, the vast majority with low self-esteem likewise go through the cycles of overthinking.

10. You are a People Pleaser

Lack of satisfaction can be one more typical side effect of low self-esteem. To acquire outside approval, individuals who don’t have a decent outlook on themselves might exceed everyone’s expectations to ensure that others are agreeable and cheerful.

This regularly includes ignoring their own requirements, saying yes to things they probably shouldn’t do, and having a blameworthy outlook on saying no.


How would you treat somebody you care about who has low self-esteem? Much of the time, you might find that you would give them care, attention, sympathy, and thoughtfulness—so give yourself the same as opposed to beating yourself down. 

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