How to Stay Positive When Feeling Lonely and Depressed

stay positive when feeling Lonely and Depressed

Many people feel isolated and depressed but various methods are available to reclaim the feelings of connection. Today family, friends, and even strangers living miles apart can communicate anytime through email and social media. It seems that both space and time are collapsing with people coming closer every day. Yet it is sad to realize that many feel lonely and are unable to shake off their depressing thoughts.

Researchers claim the existence of an isolation epidemic with people constantly feeling alone. This leads to serious health issues both physical and mental. People associate the feelings of isolation with suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and depression.

Lonely people often suffer from high blood pressure, inflammation, and weak immune systems. The good news is that you can stay positive when feeling lonely and depressed. Here is how, but first, understand the reasons why you feel lonely.

People may feel lonely and lost for different reasons so there is no single cause of loneliness. There is a proven relationship between the feeling of social isolation and decreased disease resistance. Today, researchers are actively examining reasons for feeling isolated. Genetic data can indicate if you have inherited this trait from your parents. The rate of inheriting is below 50%. For lonely parents, the emotional turmoil is more about biology than the context.

Nurture also plays a part in loneliness, so with low social support, there is a higher chance of feeling lonely even when your genetic makeup is similar to others. Understand that,

  • Genetic predisposition can be a reason for increased feelings of loneliness
  • Environmental controlling factors have a powerful effect on the feeling of loneliness
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Tips on how to overcome feeling lonely

1. Reconnect with yourself

Alone time is great for getting in touch with the inner you. Going to your sacred places gives you the time to meditate. Take deep breaths and relax to shake off the feelings of loneliness, worry, and fear. This allows you to be just the way you are.

Those new to meditating should sit in place for 3 minutes focusing on things that please you, such as dolphins or the ocean for example. Be grateful for the things you have instead of what you lack. Being alone, strolling through nature is meditative too.

2. Have a good conversation with strangers

The best thing about strangers is that they are not going to judge you when you talk with them. Even if they are judging you, do not feel bad because you will not see them again. Strike up conversations with strangers like a person on the adjacent seat on the bus. There are ways to meet people through websites and apps online. Communicating with people helps you to feel a connection even if it is a brief one.

3. Try something new and random

Often boredom accompanies loneliness, but spontaneous randomness drives away the sadness.  Even small things have a huge impact such as taking another route to work, getting on a bus to go somewhere new, or even traveling to a foreign location. This randomness leads to excitement and gives you a sense of adventure.

4. Be kind to others

You may feel alone in the world so find a group to join or drop in a huge social scene. Doing nice things with strangers gets the oxytocin and endorphins going inside the body. Oxytocin is the hormone that plays a role in human-to-human bonding.

5. Keep your distance from people who are not sympathetic 

This is counter-intuitive yet staying with unsympathetic people makes you lonelier. With a fruitful relationship, your feeling of contentment increases. A narcissistic person will constantly undermine your self-respect and that will make you feel lonely. Meaningful relationships nourish life, so don’t be afraid to walk away from people who do not add happiness to your life. 

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6. Know that you are not alone

Even when you feel alone and depressed, know that lots of people experience and go through life just like you do. This means that you are not alone with your problems. Loneliness is a pervasive feeling but knowing that this emotion is healthy too, reveals to you that you need to connect and belong.

7. Have a deep conversation to build better friendships

Modern society is extremely susceptible to loneliness and while social media platforms facilitate communication, it neglects the need of face-to-face socialization. With a huge number of friends on social networking sites, it can be difficult to have a heart-to-heart conversation. This means that when you need a friend to talk to there is no one there.

Today many people prefer communicating online instead of face-to-face conversation because of less commitment. Make an effort to meet in person with good friends and family in order to establish and maintain healthy connections. 

8. Make small changes in your lifestyle

Loneliness leads to mental health issues like clinical depression and anxiety. Alleviate the severity of the symptoms with appropriate lifestyle changes. Regular exercises and effective sleeping habits are most important. Limit alcohol intake as well the use of recreational drugs. This helps to avoid any feeling of loneliness while allowing you to better manage your feelings.

9. Join clubs to meet like-minded people

Sharing your passions with others increases your chance of developing friendships while enhancing your own talents. Join a club such as a chess club or play with others to sharpen your logical skills. You may explore some new things like wine tasting, pottery, dancing, or writing.

10. Keep your social media usage in check

There is still much debate on the role of social media in rising cases of depression and loneliness. It is a good idea to reevaluate its effects on your life whether you are using this for meaningful connection or for withdrawal from the real world. When real relationships prove to be dissatisfactory, social media gives you a seeming escape.

Yet in truth this just increases problems. You may believe that other people seem to have better houses, jobs, relationships, and vacations. People often portray a perfect life online but this is far from the truth. Some people would benefit from staying away from social media for some time.


It turns out that remaining connected with others makes life more interesting and it is critical to survival. Take every available opportunity to reach for ultimate acceptance and self-love. Learn the methods to manifest your perfect life so that you stop feeling depressed and lonely. This boosts your self-esteem and helps you grow in confidence.

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