Top 8 Reasons Why You are Feeling Very Demotivational & Restless

  • August 29, 2022
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Top 8 Reasons Why You are Feeling Restless & Demotivated

What does being restless mean?

Feeling restless means having the urge to keep moving constantly, not being able to calm your mind, or even both. It can also come with different kinds of disorders, such as hyperactivity, anxiety, agitation, and other related diseases.

It is also directly interconnected with feeling unmotivated. Being unmotivated makes it challenging to focus on something or complete a task. As the mind is not calm, it keeps getting distracted, which makes it difficult to focus on one particular task. 

Sometimes it also means being anxious without any specific reason. There are multiple reasons why a person can be restless & unmotivated. 

Some of them are as follows

    1. Pursuing multiple goals at once
    2. Lack of True Passion
    3. Absence of a Clear Goal
    4. Not Getting an Adequate Amount of Sleep
    5. Lack of Confidence
    6. Excessive Reliance on Others
    7. Fear of Failure
    8. Experiencing Burnout
  • 1. Pursuing multiple goals at once

    Pursuing multiple goals at once seems to be the way of the world. But reaching more than one goal simultaneously is not possible for every human being. 

    People who are usually great at multitasking are the ones who can focus on achieving multiple goals simultaneously. However, attempting to achieve more than one goal at a time makes it difficult for your mind to focus on one thing. 

    It divides your concentration into several directions or towards several goals. Due to this, your mind does not get enough time to take rest and process things, and eventually, you will begin to feel restless. 

    It is essential to prioritize your goals one at a time and avoid multitasking to let your mind receive an adequate amount of rest.  

    Working on accomplishing multiple goals at one time will make you feel restless, which may lead to failure. This failure will make you feel unmotivated. To save our minds from being restless and unmotivated, we should try to focus on one goal at a time. 

    2. Lack of True Passion 

    Many individuals are dissatisfied with their jobs. This may happen because they lack interest in their work and are absent from true passion. It means they lack a feeling of love towards the work they are assigned. 

    If someone is passionate about their job, no task can make them restless, and they will never feel unmotivated to complete that particular task. To be passionate about a job or a task, finding a career you like is essential. 

    So, what to do and how to find the job that interests you:

    • Pick the work or task that interests you.
    • Decide whether you can earn a living out of it.
    • Polish your skills & hobbies. 
    • Find opportunities in that specific niche, or even create a chance for yourself. 

    Unless you find a job you like or are clear about pursuing a specific goal you are passionate about, you will be restricted from focusing on it properly, resulting in a restless mind, and a lack of motivation needed to complete the task. 

    3. Absence of a Clear Goal

    It is challenging to stay motivated without having a particular goal to focus on, and when you wake up every day with no goals at all. Due to the lack of a clear goal, the human mind keeps on getting distracted by other things. 

    Distractions are much harder to avoid when you don’t have a clear goal. When your mind isn’t focused and is allowed to aimlessly wander, it becomes restless. As there is nothing to focus on and our mind keeps getting distracted, we soon start to feel unmotivated towards the tasks.

    Moreover, motivating ourselves is not the sole purpose of setting a goal. It plays a pivotal role in other aspects of our lives too. 

    In the words of Robert Schuller, “goals are not only essential to motivate us. They are crucial to really keep us alive.” 

    Having a goal that you could see yourself achieving would help keep your mind calm, and your soul motivated. Once you have that goal in your mind, it will keep you motivated to work until you achieve it. 

    Here’s a quick tip: Don’t try to set too big or unrealistic goals you can’t achieve, which will ultimately make you restless and demotivated. 

    You should set small and achievable goals so that they help in boosting your self-confidence. Your confidence will build upon each success.

    4. Not Getting an Adequate Amount of Sleep

    Not getting enough sleep could be one of the primary reasons you feel unmotivated and restless. The stress of the day, poor evening habits, or even uncontrolled temperature or an uncomfortable mattress and pillow could affect the quality of sleep.

    When an individual is not able to get sound sleep, their mind loses the ability to concentrate appropriately. Due to this, it becomes difficult for a person to focus on achieving a goal.

    “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”
    — Thomas Dekker

    A good night’s sleep helps you stay energetic, boosted, motivated and calm for the whole day. To stay enthusiastic and motivated towards work, getting good sleep and maintaining it with the help of a sleep schedule is mandatory. 

    Here’s something that you can try to gain quality sleep – 

    • Try meditation 
    • Do workout & exercise 
    • Consult a doctor 
    • Calm yourself 
    • Try to attain peace of mind

    5. Lack of Confidence

    To have confidence means believing in yourself. Before beginning any task or doing a job, an individual needs to have confidence. People usually lose confidence in themselves when they face setbacks in life. 

    The absence of confidence can restrict you from achieving goals, which might result in a restless and unmotivated mind. 

    A quick solution for this problem is to think of something that makes you feel confident. You can begin to do things that you are good at, and when you ace them, you will start to feel happier. The accomplishment of a goal will automatically boost your self-confidence and make you feel better. 

    Other effective ways to boost your self-confidence are – 

    • Networking with other people
    • Upskilling yourself
    • Taking feedback & failures constructively 
    • Working on improving every day

    6. Excessive Reliance on Others

    Excessive reliance on others means depending on someone else for love, happiness, peace, and other emotions more than you rely on yourself. There is nothing wrong with having a companion or bunch of friends to partner with, for you can share good times and laughter with them. 

    But depending too much on others isn’t good because it may result in the deterioration of your happiness and that feeling of loving yourself. When they are not available or leave you for any particular reason, then you will begin to feel depressed, restless, and demotivated. 

    So, being happy with that true partner or friend is fine, but make sure you are the one who makes yourself happiest. And even if no one is available, learn to enjoy your own company so that you can make yourself comfortable. 

    What are some of the things you can do to make yourself happy? 

    • Involve yourself in activities you enjoy doing, such as dancing, gym, painting, or any other activity. 
    • Go on a solo date or a solo movie date. 
    • Opt for solo traveling 
    • Try meditating or chilling out with some hot coffee. 
    • Read your favorite book.

    There are so many activities to try by yourself and make yourself happy without being dependent on others. 

    7. Fear of Failure

    People usually possess a fear of failure. They do not understand that it is not something to be afraid of. Many times because of fear of failure, people do not make attempts at all to achieve their goals. 

    It results in the absence of progress, which people should be actually afraid of. To live life without any fears, people should learn to accept their failures, learn lessons from those failures, and keep going in life. 

    It is easier not to give a chance to something you consequently know fails than to accept the failure of achieving a particular task. Most people become restless and unmotivated towards a job that they consequently know will fail.

    So, we should be geared towards a positive mindset and keep going until we achieve success. 

     “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” 
    – Robert F. Kennedy

    8. Experiencing Burnout

    Burnout is when an individual feels mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted due to chronic stress. Such burnouts usually occur when someone fails to achieve a goal or constantly tries to do work that doesn’t interest them, and these kinds of situations result in excessive stress. 

    Whenever people find themselves in such situations, they become restless and begin to feel demotivational.

    Taking a break from such exhausting things is advisable. Take that time to do something you love. What kind of things or activities do you like to do when you experience burnout or take a break from routine activities? 

    People usually feel energetic and motivated after such breaks and by doing things they love, which helps them keep pursuing their goals. 

    According to Michael Gungor, “burnout is what happens when you try to avoid being human for too long.”


    To sum it up, taking care of your mental and physical health while trying to focus on achieving goals is vital. If you fail to look out for your well-being, then you will become restless and unmotivated. 

    Furthermore, it will restrict you from achieving your goals or living a happy and healthy life. Being restless and unmotivated will get you stuck in a loop of setting goals and not being able to achieve them. 

    To avoid getting stuck in such kinds of loops, it is mandatory to take care of your mental and physical health and opt for frequent breaks. 

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