6 Distinct Characteristics That Show You Are A Good Person

  • January 30, 2024
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What constitutes a real good person? Does it concern how they treat other people or how these problems are dealt with? It turns out that there are some features which reveal true good people from all the rest of humanity.

As the world appears to be running out of kindness and compassion, being kind is becoming essential. But what is actually a good man? How can you tell if you have those qualities that define people as good?

Being a good person does not mean doing what is expected of you or appearing nice on the outside; it includes several unique features that make you exceptional compared to an ordinary person. If you have ever doubted the goodness of your own self or wish to become a positive personality, then keep reading further. In this article, we will examine the six definite attributes that make you a good person.

Characteristics That Show You Are A Good Person

  1. You know how you can keep your promise
  2. You’re honest in relationships
  3. You’re tolerant of differences
  4. You’re respectful of others
  5. You try to be the bigger person
  6. You’re a good listener

Here are the different characteristics that show that you are a good person in every way.

1. You know how you can keep your promise.

Your ability to keep your word is one of the main traits that makes you an exemplary person. It also implies that if you say something or make a promise, then it is done. This attribute ensures reliability and credibility, both sought after in contacts or relationships.

At work or in your personal life, it can be meeting deadlines and showing that you are reliable by fulfilling a promise to either an employer/colleague or friend. It gives you credibility by proving to others that they can trust your word.

2. You’re honest in relationships

A good person must be honest. To be honest means being sincere, true, and direct in the way you relate with others. This means speaking the truth amidst troubles or discomforts and no tricks, lies, or manipulations.

Being true to one another in relationships builds trust and lays a solid ground for significant affection. This encourages other people to feel secure in your company, trusting that what you say and do is real. As honesty encourages transparent communication, relationships tend to become healthier and more rewarding.

3. You’re tolerant of differences

A good person practices tolerance and acceptance towards people no matter how much they differ. This includes the fact that they have diverged in their beliefs, values, and opinions on various issues of life, among others. There is no judgment or discrimination against anyone who is different. In fact, you rather accept diversity and understand the freedom of other people’s rights.

When it is about tolerance, it means to be able to listen and learn from others. It doesn’t matter whether their views or experiences agree with you. It is all about respecting and understanding people, irrespective of religion, race, gender, or sexual orientation. The beneficial side of being tolerant is a harmonious environment where everyone feels appreciated and accepted.

4. You’re respectful of others

It is a feature of a good person to respect. It is all about treating them with dignity, honor, and courtesy. All this regardless of the position they hold or status that one has. Respecting others is about recognizing their thoughts, feelings, opinions, and limits.

Respect is also an action of being polite that includes saying “please” and “thank you,” not interrupting others when they speak, and listening attentively. It includes avoiding critical or demeaning remarks and dealing with others as one wants to be dealt with.

Treating people with respect is a clear sign of your appreciation for their value as human beings, creating alliances where each party feels respected and recognized.

5. You try to be the bigger person

Being the bigger person means overcoming disagreements or conflicts and refusing to act like a child. It requires not becoming engrossed with anger or bitterness and instead is taking the high ground.

Being the bigger person also entails looking for solutions and understanding rather than keeping grudges or seeking retaliation. It refers to forgiveness for other people’s mistakes and patience towards them despite everything.

Choosing to be the bigger person demonstrates emotional intelligence and character. You serve as a role model who teaches people to behave in the same way, thereby creating harmony and peace in all your relations.

6. You’re a good listener

A good person will always be a great listener. It implies being there and immersed in the discussions while listening attentively to people without interrupting or rushing through a reply. Good listeners respond to what others have described, but they do it with deep interest and sympathy.

Listening is good when a person gives full attention to the speaker, makes eye contact, and gives positive signals that show understanding of what you are saying. It also includes articulate questions as well to gain clarification and enable understanding.

The act of being a good listener makes other people feel that they are heard. It promotes communication that is free and effective, as well as enhances interpersonal relationships. You establish an environment of security and freedom by listening carefully and respectfully to others so that they can share their ideas with confidence.

Final Thoughts

Thus, having such unique characteristics can really prove that you are a nice person. The practice of keeping one’s word, being straightforward in interpersonal relations, having tolerance for diversity and differences, and having respect towards others, among other qualities, depict a good person. It not only benefits your own personal growth and well-being but also positively impacts the lives of those around you. Being a good person is about consistently striving to be the best version of yourself, treating others with kindness and respect, and making a positive difference in the world.

By Divine You Wellness

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