10 Signs That Portray You as a Highly Confident Person (But You Might Be Unaware About It)

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Winners are people just like you who do things differently. They think and operate on a different wavelength that creates a positive aura, happiness, and success. Confidence is a mindset that all achievers have, and when we learn that, we too can change our life for success. This article focuses on the healthy habits of confident people, which can help you build confidence, become better at achieving your goals, and take your life to greater heights than you truly deserve.

Signs of a Confident Person

1. Your Happiness Comes from Within

Happiness is critical to confidence. Confident people are always happy because they have high self-worth that leads to contentment. Such people derive pleasure from their accomplishments regardless of how others perceive them.  

2. You Don’t Judge People

People with low self-esteem pass judgment. Confident people have high self-worth and hence don’t compare themselves with others to feel better. Since they are achievers, comparisons with others are simply a waste of time.

3. You Stand Up for Yourself

Confident people are balanced in their behavior; they are neither hyper-aggressive nor passive.

They are assertive, respectful, and polite. However, when boundaries are crossed, they stand up bravely for themselves and confront the situation with calmness.  

People with low self-esteem engage in behaviors to always please others as they constantly seek approval from others to feel worthiness. However, confident people are self-reliant and don’t need to make an effort to impress others; their behavior or work speaks for themselves.

Further, confident people often divert the limelight to others as they believe that others equally deserve to be happy as much as themselves. On the contrary, low self-esteem people constantly need to be the center of attention, else they feel unworthy.

Confident people do not feel threatened by others’ success, as they are successful in their own way, unlike insecure people who constantly belittle others to attain pseudo happiness.

4. You Speak with Confidence

Confident people speak with conviction. They would look into your eyes and speak as if they are experts on the topic of conversation. Even during casual conversations, they reflect their confidence through their assertive tone. They have intelligent conversations that naturally attract people. They speak loudly, clearly, and with clarity without disrupting others.   

5. You Maintain your Composure

A calm demeanor reflects great emotional self-control. Confident people are last to panic if they panic at all. They immediately take action in challenging situations. They self-teach about how to overcome battles by practicing manifestation. In manifestation, they believe that they have already encountered a situation, and evoke a reaction by asking themselves, “How would a confident person deal with this?” Subsequently, they remain calm in difficult situations.

6. You Say Yes Only When You Are Sure

The University of California conducted research that indicates people fear to refuse tasks given, as that leads to stress and depression, hence they usually agree to things. However, confident people know it’s healthy to say “no” to tasks and demands from others. They confidently refuse because they may have existing commitments that they need to successfully complete before moving to a new task.  

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7. You Work Hard and Are Fine with Tackling Any Task

Confident people stay on top of their work, enjoy challenging tasks and work hard to attain results that they can brag about (in a subtle way). They let their work do the talking. Confidence enhances your courage levels and that further boosts your efficiency in the workplace.  

Often, people gain confidence from their professional success, and if you’re among this crowd, be delighted in knowing that real confidence builds from accomplishing goals/tasks. Furthermore, confidence helps you differentiate between hard-working, authentic people and boot lickers, and hence you get fastidious about your social or professional circle.

In the workplace, confident people are often called arrogant and kept at bay because people who fail to perform well are scared and jealous of them. Such people are toxic colleagues or friends who can easily drag you down with them. 

Confident people surround themselves with people who are at or above their level and are eager to learn. 

8. You Are an Active Listener

Confident people actively listen and speak less because they find interactions as an opportunity to learn and grow and enhance overall productivity. They feel they have nothing to prove. However, by active listening, they can quickly resolve challenges and enjoy valuable conversations.

9. You Speak with Authority

Authority comes with experience and knowledge. Knowledge is a strong pillar of confidence. So read and learn more about different topics as much as you can. When confident, you approach conversations doubt-free and with great assurance. Their voice indicates command and authority in a subtle way. 

10. You Don’t Seek Attention

Confident people gain attention due to their brilliant work, yet they easily diffuse the compliments and divert conversations to other people who have worked hard with them to achieve the goal. Since their self-worth comes within, they don’t need approval from others. Confident people are positive and that always reflects in their personality. Their bright and right attitude attracts admirers, easily.  


With these pointers in mind, you can improve your confidence level and discover who you truly are.

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