How to Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship

How to Maintain a Long-Distance Relationship

Sometimes, certain situations put you and your partner in different places around the globe, whether it’s favorable to you or not. In this era of digital communication, texting or video calling has made it easier to maintain a long-distance relationship. Gone are the days when you had to pay a fortune for long-distance calls. If you’ve found someone you can truly connect with, you probably don’t want to break up just because you don’t live in the same place. Whether be it seeing each other only a few times a week or even a year, you can still have a healthy relationship with someone.

Regardless of the reason that you and your partner are distanced, it’s crucial to be aware that a long-distance relationship comes with challenging obstacles that should be recognized and addressed effectively.

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10 Ways to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

1. Lay down some ground rules

This isn’t exactly hot, but really, it’s got to be done. Otherwise, you’re operating in a grey area. It is crucially important to set realistic and healthy expectations on how much you want to be in touch with your partner without overdoing it.  Set realistic expectations about other matters, such as if both of you are going to see others and if you want to have a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.

2. Have a long-distance deadline

Long-distance in a relationship should be a temporary challenge, meaning that both of you should be strategic and mindful about how and when you choose to come together permanently.  Work together to create a workable list of objectives to close the distance. Be realistic and considerate of each other’s needs regarding where to reside. Discuss all the details you can think of, and help each other make the transition as easy as possible.

3. Prioritize your schedule as well

Different working hours or schedules, and time zones can wreak havoc even on well-set relationships when it comes to smooth communication with each other. There’s no limit to the kinds of communication arrangements that can work, as long as both feel mutually comfortable. Being mindful about how to choose a rhythm that works for you is the key.

4. Do things together,  while apart

In this era of technology, it can be easier than you think to do things together from different places. In order to do things, while apart you can sync up your Netflix and watch movies together while apart and call it a movie night. This will help you feel like both are sitting together enjoying the movie rather than apart. Additionally, apart from streaming apps together you can also challenge your loved one in games online. In the end, it doesn’t even matter what movie you watch, what game you play, or what book you read together, doing these activities is about finding ways to connect with your partner despite the distance.

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5. Plan creative dates

While planning dates, distance can be an issue. You can’t meet me at a restaurant but that doesn’t mean that your date doesn’t have any exciting factors.

It’s all about coming up with out-of-box ideas and activities that keep you both engaged and connected. Regardless of the distance, You can both play cards with each other as you video chat. There are so many creative ways to plan a digital date, regardless of the distance.

6. Make sure your goals are the same

In general, research showed that a long-distance relationship is more satisfying when both know the endgame and are aware that the long-distance relationship is temporary. This makes the hardships easier to know that in the end there is a proverbial prize rather than feeling unsure about where the relationship is headed.

7. Go old school

While being connected through digital mediums such as phones, computers, etc. is a blessing, couples shouldn’t depend on them solely to stay connected. As we’re learning new ways to connect through technology, it’s important not to forget the art of letter writing. While texts can come in handy for quick communication, writing letters can capture deep romantic feelings for your partner. In this era of constant and quick communication, letters can add a flavor of anticipation of writing and receiving letters which can be a fun practice of indulging in your inner romantic. 

8. Talk dirty

The sexual attraction is one of the main crucial keys to a healthy relationship between couples. In short, it is like glue that helps both parties to stick together rather than fall apart. Sexual need is not only biological but also emotional. Keep the fire burning by sending each other sexual innuendos via texts. Sexual puns work well too.

9. Create a relationship bucket list

Regardless of distance, long-distance relationships can share depth in their desires on what they want to enjoy together for a lifetime. Creating a blueprint in a relationship can help a couple unite for a lifetime. Cooking up a bucket list is essential for throwing together ideas of future dates you want to do someday. Your bucket list doesn’t need to belong but can contain a few small ideas like running 5K together or skinny dipping together. 

10. Let the “boring talk” be a part of the connection

When it comes to communication, quality rules over quantity, but that doesn’t mean that you have to let go of the small details of your day. You might easily grow apart if you don’t have a clue about your partner’s daily rhythm. What food are they trying for dinner? What kind of shows are they watching now? Who has been bugging them at work?  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that “boring” details of your day should be left out.


You can sit at home and ponder over how much you hate long-distance relationships, or you can choose to think of the positive aspects that miles apart can bring to your relationship. Once you know that your long-distance relationship is stable and has a bright future then you need to talk about the vision of the future. Even if it may be months away, it is important to share the vision which includes living and sharing life.

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