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What is Meditation? There are many different types of meditation stemming from Buddhist practices. Different schools of Buddhist practices are studied around the world. Secular mindfulness is divorced from such traditions and encompasses different meditation practices. Meditation involves training the mind so that it is aware of the current moment. Some techniques involve focusing on breathing and others focus on...
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Anxiety is normal in life. You might feel it before addressing groups or when filling out a job application. In short-term situations, it increases the heart and breathing rate along with the concentration of blood flow to the brain.  This physical response prepares you for an intense situation. When it becomes too intense, people feel nauseous and lightheaded. Persistent or...
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Loving someone is different from being in love with someone. When you are in love with someone, you long to be in the relationship even at the end of its euphoric stage which usually lasts for a few months. It is not easy building a strong relationship where both partners love and respect each other and care for each other. ...
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You will find numerous suggestions over the internet regarding diet plans promising to shed bodyweight whilst keeping you healthy. However, the contradictory messages received through these suggestions may seem confusing to someone who is trying to lose weight by eating the right type of food. The claims made by some of the popular diet plans are even supported by little...
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Your health should be regarded as your primary wealth. However, concern about your physical and emotional well-being often takes a backseat since you have various duties to fulfill. You may not consider your health and well-being to be as important as completing some tasks or achieving something until you are sick or have diminished capacity. Some people might have a...
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