8 Ways to Build a Side Hustle that Pays Well

  • August 03, 2021
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Build a Side Hustle that Pays Well

Those looking to be their own boss can gain from a side hustle that pays well and build a self-employed income. With side hustles, you have the security and safety of the day job. This pads your income and creates opportunities that are career-changing, which might not be possible with full-time jobs.

Many side hustles have led to brand new employment opportunities, lifelong friendships, and useful relationships. Building a profitable side hustle while having a day job is never easy. But here are some tips that will help you grow your side hustle.


1. Be consistent

Start and maintain your side hustle by setting aside the needed time daily. For most people, doing this for one hour is enough. You can pick either the evening or morning as per your preference. It is possible to split one hour between lunch breaks and use any available free time.

Decide the best time for you to work productively. A morning person gets up one hour earlier and works on the side gig. With wide-open evenings, you can work during that time and fully utilize it to make some money. An hour daily is not a set rule so decide what works for you. Make sure that you are sticking to the schedule you choose.

2. Define clear goals

Always dream big but be realistic when doing a side hustle. Achieve large outcomes by starting out small, setting incremental targets as you go. Satisfy one customer and go on to the next to ensure success. Do not overwhelm yourself by handling too many customers from the start. Keep practical goals before you that can be attained weekly or monthly to develop good habits as you train for success.

3. Spend where it touches the customer

When you spend money, ensure that the customer knows because it touches them in some way. When you cannot achieve this, don’t spend.  You should want to make a difference in the life of your customer as they are critical to the side hustle endeavor.

4. Know your skill and interest areas

When you go into a venture, be equipped for every situation. Back the side hustle using relevant experience, industry knowledge, and useful skills. The best combination of your interest areas and appropriate skills ensures business success. Musicians may monetize skills with online instrument lessons, and creative people have freelance hustles as digital storytellers and graphic artists. Those lacking skills should make efforts to learn these effectively.

5. List your key tasks

With only a limited amount of time to perfect your side skills, you need to make the most of your free time. Prioritize your key tasks, updating things through the day. Make a list to refer to it as needed. These days, you can even use apps for this purpose. This way, keeping track of various tasks becomes easier.

6. Always follow a schedule

Once you choose a time to devote to your side hustle, stick to it. Having a schedule is most important. As you progress, increase the time you dedicate, working for two hours or more. Be consistent with your schedule or you will not progress. 

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7. Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Create a brand new, unique service that attracts immediate interest. If you don’t, you would be competing against established players with similar products and services minimizing your chances of success. When you are doing business, competition is natural and competitors may outperform you with their services and products. The aim is to attract the maximum number of customers through innovation.

To minimize the competition, secure valuable propositions using a competitive edge. This differentiates your business from your competitors ranging from low or smart pricing to high-profit margins, unique customer service, and aggressive sales. Strategic relationships, best-in-class products, and intellectual property differentiate your brand from competitors. This way, the customers select you and become repeat buyers.

8. Have big goals but start small

When you are side hustling, the aim is to find customers wishing to do business with you. Finding quality customers is a difficult job. Focus on building up the best customer base with repeat buyers bringing regular business your way.  Start out small to increase your chances of success. Continue to develop your skills as you work. Serve as many customers as you can reasonably sustain. As you grow, begin searching for bigger customers. 


To use side hustles as an endeavor that generates profits, you have to work hard.  This involves ruthless prioritization along with the psychological shift of the priorities and the inclination to hone your skills daily. Entrepreneurs start building with side hustles while working with customers and build up from there.

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