10 Tips to Lose Weight Naturally by Eating Smart

  • July 15, 2021
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tips to lose weight naturally

You will find numerous suggestions over the internet regarding diet plans promising to shed bodyweight whilst keeping you healthy. However, the contradictory messages received through these suggestions may seem confusing to someone who is trying to lose weight by eating the right type of food.

The claims made by some of the popular diet plans are even supported by little to no research. There is no guarantee that these diet plans will help you lose weight whilst looking after your health. In this article, you will find 10 useful tips if you want to lose weight naturally by eating the right food in the right way. This article will help you take one step forward towards a healthy lifestyle.


1.  Drink Water, Especially Before Meals

Your metabolism receives a boost (about 24%-30%) over a period of 1-1.5 hours when you drink water. Therefore, your body can burn more calories. If you drink 17 ounces or half-liter of water about half an hour before the meals, then you will eat less and receive fewer calories. On the other hand, your body can burn more calories since you drank water before having a meal.

2.  Eat Slowly

It is essential to chew the food properly, as it leads to better digestion; however, this is not the only benefit. You can relish the taste of food when you eat slowly and your body receives better signals with regards to satiety, as it takes time for the brain to learn about the feeling of fullness. Therefore, you consume fewer calories and have better digestion when eating slowly.

3.  Eat Your Breakfast

You have the risk of developing many diseases if you often skip breakfast, such as hypertension, clogged arteries, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Skipping breakfast may even cause obesity, as you tend to eat more if you are famished during lunch or brunch. On the other hand, your insulin sensitivity (body’s response to the insulin hormone) increases, and total caloric intake (throughout the day) decreases after having breakfast.

Therefore, it is important to have a protein-rich breakfast that includes eggs (source of omega-3), organic dairy (low fat), lean meat, and whole grains (source of high protein).

4.  Exercise whenever Possible

You will burn calories doing any type of physical activity. Therefore, you have to exercise or move the body whenever it is possible. You may do it in the seated position, standing position, or when lying down.

Every minute of exercise or physical activity counts if you’d want to burn calories. You may even work out (Yoga, free-hand, aerobics, etc.) alongside doing these activities to burn more calories and to have a well-toned body.

You will not put on weight in the future if you exercise or do tasks that require movement which is another benefit of working out.

5.  Never Skip a Meal

You may be tempted to skip a meal, as you can shed a few calories from the diet chart in this way. However, it is important not to skip any meal, as your body craves calorie-rich food when it does not receive sufficient calories (unit of energy) from the consumed food.

Hence, it is essential not to skip any meal. It is equally important not to eat a lot at once in order to keep long gaps between both meals. It leads to a calorie surplus, as you consume more calories than your body can burn over a period of time.

Your body will store the excess calories as fat. Therefore, you take small meals every 4-5 hours if you want to lose weight.

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6.  Portion Distribution

Measuring the quantity of food intake is as important as determining the quality of food intake. Therefore, your calorie intake throughout the day is directly related to the portion size.

The more you eat at each meal, the more calories you consume. You may use a measuring cup or spoon to maintain a satisfying portion size. Measuring cups or spoons are extremely useful when eating out of the box, as you have an idea regarding the portion size.

A woman of average height and weight, who exercises (moderate intensity) daily, is supposed to have at each meal – 

  • 3-4 ounces of lean protein
  • ½-1 cup of whole grains
  • 1-2 cups of colorful fruits and vegetables

7.  Sleep Enough

You lose more calories with a good night’s sleep. Your body will have elevated levels of ghrelin (appetite stimulant) and low levels of leptin (appetite suppressant) if you do not sleep for 6-8 hours at night.

You will consume calorie-rich food throughout the day due to high levels of ghrelin in the blood and gain more weight. You also feel sleepy throughout the day if you have less than 6-8 hours of sleep at night or if you cannot sleep restfully at night.

In this scenario, your body will crave foods containing refined carbohydrates and saturated fat, as they can make you feel better by quickly raising the blood sugar level.

8.  Skip Liquid Calories

Higher consumption of sugar will result in increased body weight. Therefore, it is essential to reduce the consumption of sweetened drinks. You can shave off more than 20,000 calories from the diet over a period of a few months if you drink sparkling water instead of 20-ounce soda every day. You will lose more than five pounds of weight based on this calculation.

9.  Eat Healthy Snacks

You may snack between meals; however, you have to be careful about the type of snack. You will quickly gain weight if you frequently snack on calorie-rich edibles.

Thus, you have to be careful when selecting anything for snacking. You may snack on baked or air-fried items instead of snacking on fried items. It is equally important to check the ingredients before snacking on something.

10.  Eat Your Veggies

The vegetables are full of fiber, full of antioxidants, and different types of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, iron, etc.). The coloring particles of the vegetables are also rich in nutrients.

On the other hand, vegetables are low-calorie edibles. Therefore, you can stay healthy without gaining excess body weight if you include large portions of vegetables in your diet.

However, it is important not to sauté, cook or dress the vegetables using a lot of butter or oil. You may add garlic or herbs to enhance the taste instead. 


You can lose weight without sacrificing your health when you are smart about what to eat and how much to eat. When you follow these 10 tips, you can lose weight without losing peace of your mind over what type of diet plan to follow or how to start dieting. Find more tips on Diet, Health, Workout routines, Self Care by logging in or Registering with us. Click here

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