8 Health Benefits of Smiling Proven by Science

  • March 01, 2022
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Benefits of smiling

Often, smiling is thought of as an involuntary response to a joyful situation. However, the mere sense of smiling can invoke instant positivity. For many, smiling is a conscious effort as it generates positivity, enhances mood, and improves immunity for a healthier body. Hence, the more you smile the more restored you will feel. Read on to find out the great benefits of smiling.  


8 Health Benefits of Smiling

1) Longevity 

Smiling and longevity go together like a hand in a glove. According to research conducted in 2010, genuine and powerful smiling helps to increases the lifespan of an individual. Smiling increases the levels of happy hormones – serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins – responsible for holistic health, which improves lifespan. Therefore, this conscious activity should be practiced regularly. 

2) Lowers Blood Pressure

A study conducted in 2009 suggests smiling increases heart rate followed by muscle relaxation for a few seconds, which drops the heart rate and blood pressure. This decreases the risk of heart disease. Hence, the more you laugh and smile, the healthier your heart is! 

3) Mood Enhancer 

Happy hormone – endorphin – is released when a person smiles. Subsequently, the person feels happier and more positive as long as the endorphin levels are high. So, the next time you feel the blues, stand in front of the mirror and smile back at yourself, and you will experience an improvement in your mood and thoughts.

4) Stress Reliever

One of the benefits of smiling is it is a stress damper. It eats away at our well-being and easily displays in our faces. Often, stress causes diseases of the body and mind, some of which may never heal. It’s important to focus on maintaining holistic health. Subsequently, smiling, whether consciously or unconsciously, can help reduce stress. The more stressed you feel, the more effort you should make to smile!

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5) Immunity Booster

Smiles and laughter signal the brain to release happy hormones to fight illnesses. Subsequently, your immune system gets stronger helping you stay well.

Research conducted in 2015 suggests, women who participated in laughter therapy postpartum had a stronger immune system and were averse to postpartum depression.   

Want to boost your immunity and stay healthy during the freezing winters? Smile and laugh as hard as you can, as often as I can. I’m smiling as I write this article. 

6) Productivity Booster

Smiling can change brain patterns. If you smile often, the brain begins to think more positively and alters its chemical composition by increasing the levels of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins, and by reducing the level of cortisol (stress hormone). Eventually, your brain gravitates toward positive thinking that leads to higher efficiency and success.

7) Positivity

Smiling positively influences your behavior, as it tricks your mind into believing that “life is good.” Hence, when the going gets tough, smiling can immediately send a wave of positivity through your body, mind, and soul.  Eventually, you begin to focus on a solution to a problem, instead of worrying over it.     

8) Cognition Improvement

Smiling alters the chemical reaction in the brain and generates positivity that eventually engulfs the body and mind. A positive state of mind leads to an enhanced ability of the brain to deal with tasks and/or challenges effectively. 

A study published in the Cognition and Emotion Journal stated that positive emotions impact the brain’s thinking pattern. In this experiment, it was observed that people with a “happy state of mind” saw the world in a better light. Further, people who were made to laugh or were asked to smile genuinely focused better on their tasks. 


A smile can do wonders! Simply, smile because your life is blessed with people who love and care for you sincerely. Smile because you have another day, to begin with on a positive note. If you want to live a healthy and wealthy life, smile as often as you, and smile genuinely as much as you can! 

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