How to be Happy Every Day and Enjoy Life?

Stay Happy and Healthy Everyday

Many people go through life with so much dread and stress that it becomes a routine for them without even realizing it. This is common for empathetic people as they are more susceptible to overstimulation and anxiety.

It is necessary to consistently use tools that help you decompress and de-stress throughout the day. This helps to rejuvenate and reset you so that you feel happier and more satisfied with your life. There are different ways to change routines, enjoy the day, and release stress such as the following

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8 Tips on how to enjoy everyday

1. Set Positive intentions as soon as you wake up

Wake up with a positive mindset and it will stay with you through the day. Planning your task ahead of time helps you to stay organized and increases satisfaction levels. Avoid negativity and stress on mental health by organizing your time and reducing the workload. 

2. Take some time out to do something that you like

In spite of your busy schedule, find a reason to smile daily. seek anything that puts a smile on your face. For example, you can plan a holiday during the lunch hours at the office even if nothing ultimately comes of it or just an imaginary one.

Meditate, listen to music you love, or dance to de-stress. Seek activities that put you in a good mood. The main goal is to keep your soul satisfied and happy.

3. Appreciate your small achievements

Every small effort or step you take is an achievement so treat it that way. For example, in spite of not being a morning person when you make the effort to wake up early and go for a jog, it is something to be proud of.

Celebrate even the smallest achievement with a healthy reward.  This gives meaning to your life and motivates you. Even when you could not achieve the thing you set out to do, there is no need to stress much. Accept criticisms and appreciate yourself more. It is the effort and the inclination that matters the most.

4. Adopt a “Go with the flow” attitude

Things do not always go according to the plan so it is important to have some room in your life for the unexpected. This way, the suddenness of the situation will not lead to undue resistance, stress, or dread. Going as the situation arises makes it simpler to accept that not everything goes the way you expect so there is less worry and fear.

5. Disconnect from social media

Today it is hard to live without the internet, radio, television, or social media. The best you can do is to dissociate from these for at least 15-20 minutes and stay off of electronics for that duration every day. This way, you can have some balance or semblance in life. Make a list of things that make you happy and indulge in those.

6. Check-In with yourself

When you are driving to work or anyplace that you do routinely, turn off your phone and radio to spend some ‘me time’. Use this for introspection and give space and time to process things that are on your mind. Checking-in physically, energetically, spiritually, and emotionally with yourself allows the mind to recharge and rejuvenate.

It is good to know when it is time to stop. While working is vital, make personal time indulge in things you love doing such as walking, painting, dancing, music, and exercising. This rejuvenates the sagging spirit so that life feels less stressful.

7. Make time for Exercise

Everyone knows that exercising daily is vital and when talking about workouts, things often sound cliche. You feel that everything that you are hearing now, was said before. Still, know that sweating it out is like food for your soul and body.

This helps you to become healthier and more fit so that you both look and feel good. Happiness initiates the production of endorphins in the body so that the functioning of the brain improves. The way you feel has a positive impact on various aspects of your body and it fortifies the immune system, reducing the chances of infection and diseases.

Still, it is not a good idea to go to the gym or do weights, forcing yourself to do things that you do not like. For the best results, do things that you actually enjoy doing so that it does not feel like exercising but instead an activity you like.

Consider going on hikes with friends or dancing until you drop, grooving to the music at home, alone. The aim is to exercise moderately, super enjoyably, and frequently for the best results.

8. Take time to review your day at night

However the day goes on, when it ends, take some time to sit quietly and reflect before going to sleep. Reviewing the day before going to bed or even as you lay there gives you some kind of closure.

This way, you can let go of the day at least and sleep peacefully without worrying or toiling restlessly. Go over situations, people, and events that you took part in or encountered throughout the day.

Send gratitude and give thanks for everything with focus on blessings and the ripple of positive effects it created. Breathe out the negative things and gradually let these go. You do not want to lose sleep over these.

Also, let go of the things that you intended to do but could not for some reason. Holding onto these does not serve any purpose. When the morning comes, if it is worthwhile, pick up from where you left off and complete.

Making any physical changes can be difficult, but making the effort can prove to be rewarding. It is easy to fall into a comfort zone so get out there to turn your days into something exciting and ultimately, immensely fulfilling.

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Remember that having a good day is your choice and the circumstances do not matter. Every day brings with it loads of potential to be good,  and what you need is a good recipe with the right ingredients to make it amazing. Use structure for building up the day ahead so that you enjoy it to the fullest,  even if it is Monday or the weather isn’t pleasant. The magic of the suggestions above makes all the difference.

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