Fight Back Anxiety: 10 Effective Ways to Cope with Anxiety

  • March 02, 2021
  • 8 min Reads

Anxiety is common in today’s hectic lifestyle, as you have to maintain a balance between your personal, professional, and social life. This is not an easy task and your mind may be in overdrive due to this reason. Today, adults and children both suffer from anxiety disorder.

It has become a common mental disorder according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and has affected 40 million adults in the USA. If you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you are not alone. However, the consumption of anti-anxiety medications may have adverse effects on your body.

How to fight back anxiety

  1. Let It Out with a Shout
  2. Release Anxiety through Exercise
  3. Limit Caffeine Consumption
  4. Do Not Skip the Sleep
  5. Never Skip a Meal
  6. Have an Exit Strategy
  7. Accept Each Moment As It Comes
  8. Fit Body & Mind through Yoga
  9. Listening to Favorite Music
  10. Practice Mindfulness Meditation

1.  Let It Out with a Shout

Talking to a confidante or friend may help you cope with the anxiety; however, there is another coping mechanism. You may shout at the top of your voice when you are feeling stressed out. However, this method is only useful when you are alone or in a controlled environment. You may scare others if you shout at a public place or amongst a group of people.

Shouting at the top of your lungs is a way to release anxiety or stress, as fighting the anxiety may seem like an overwhelming task. It can be helpful to identify the source of anxiety, embrace the fact, and release it through screaming, punching something, stomping, or pounding the chest. These days, some yoga teachers are even encouraging their students to release pent-up stress using unconventional methods. This segment of yoga has been coined as Tantrum Yoga. Please do not hurt yourself when trying these methods. You will always have some level of anxiety in your life. However, you are less likely to have an anxiety attack if you release the negative energy instead of suppressing it.

2.  Release Anxiety through Exercise

Exercise can be used in order to release anxiety, as the levels of serotonin and endorphins increase which stabilizes the mood and help you feel better emotionally. It also takes your mind off the reason behind your anxiety, as the mind cannot focus on two separate matters at once. Your entire outlook will improve once you start feeling better on the inside.

Hence, it is prudent to spend at least 30 minutes on some type of physical activity. You may exercise 3-5 days a week instead of working out regularly depending upon your convenience. You may even select the type of exercise based on your fitness level or your preference. It is essential to enjoy physical activity; otherwise, it will turn into another source of stress instead of taking your mind off the problems and releasing your anxiety.

3.  Limit Caffeine Consumption

A cup of hot/cold coffee may rejuvenate you and refresh your mood. However, it may cause an anxiety attack when you are overstressed. Avoid consuming any caffeinated beverage when your mind is in overdrive. It is important to remember that coffee beans and tea leave both contain caffeine.

If you cannot stop drinking caffeinated drinks, then you should limit the number of drinks consumed on a daily basis. For example, you may be used to drinking 4-5 cups of coffee every day. Scale down to 1-2 cups of coffee per day, drinking no more than 8 ounces per cup.

4.  Do Not Skip the Sleep

Your brain controls all the functions of your body and it needs to rest for at least 6 hours every night in order to function properly. You have to give this resting time to your brain every day even when you have a busy schedule. The lack of sleep may increase the level of anxiety and stress. It is even better if you can sleep for 8-9 hours every day. A rested brain can function better, can efficiently handle stress, and can stay unperturbed in every scenario.

You may consult with the doctors if you are suffering from insomnia or cannot sleep due to another health condition. It is essential not to consume anything that may prevent the brain from relaxing before going to bed. You may read a book or may have some type of herbal preparation in order to make the brain feel relaxed. If you have a good night’s sleep, then you will wake up with a rested brain and can efficiently handle all situations in your life.


5.  Never Skip a Meal

You may not feel like eating anything when you are stressed out or anxious. However, your anxiety may worsen if you skip meals. Cortisol is a steroid hormone that is released by the adrenal glands. This hormone has a vital role to play in a body’s stress response, as it may improve your performance under pressure. However, the excess release of cortisol hormone may make you feel worse if you are prone to anxiety. Hence, it is essential to control its release.

If you skip a meal, then your blood pressure level will drop. This will trigger the release of the cortisol hormone. Therefore, it is important not to skip meals. It is equally important to have healthy food instead of consuming processed food that is high in carbohydrates, saturated fat, and trans fat.

The consumption of lean proteins, vegetables, monounsaturated/polyunsaturated fats, and fruits can keep you mentally and physically fit. The excess consumption of sugar can cause a reaction that is known as the sugar rush. This will lead to nervousness, and anxiousness and may cause other adverse reactions. It is important to have 5-6 healthy meals in small portions throughout the day.

6.  Have an Exit Strategy

Life is full of unpredictable events and you cannot have control over every situation in your life. It is essential to have an exit strategy for difficult situations in your life. It is prudent to identify the scenarios capable of triggering anxiety and to learn how to cope with such scenarios. 

For example, you may feel uncomfortable at social gatherings or at meetings. However, you may go to a party with your friends and may want to leave the party due to feeling stranged. In this scenario, you can escape from the gathering if you drive to the party instead of going with your friends. That way, you can leave whenever you’re ready. You may not be in control of every scenario. However, if you have an exit strategy for tough scenarios, you’ll have more control over the situation, and will feel less anxiety.

7.  Accept Each Moment As It Comes

If you stress over the future, then you will stop enjoying the present. For example,

  • You may stress over your financial asset in the distant future.
  • You may stress over an exam or a meeting in the near future.
  • You may even stress over being good at something in the future. 

Any type of worry regarding your future is baseless, as it is impossible to predict the future. Hence, it is essential to enjoy the present moment. Worrying about the future will do nothing but increase the level of your anxiety. However, you can have a better life if you enjoy the present times. It is equally important not to stress over past mistakes, as you cannot change the past. 

Do not focus on what has happened or what is going to happen. Accept every moment and every day as it comes. You may meditate for a few minutes every day. Meditation is known to improve concentration and calm the mind. It may even empower you to have better control over stressful situations in your life.

8.  Fit Body & Mind through Yoga

Practicing yoga will benefit your body and mind, as this is not just a method of exercise. Yoga is a group of spiritual, physical, and mental disciplines capable of ensuring physical and mental fitness when practiced properly. It focuses on harmonizing the body with the mind.

There are numerous yoga poses and each pose is capable of providing the human body with several benefits. Yoga can improve the functions of all internal organs alongside strengthening the mind. Therefore, you are less prone to emotional or psychological breakdowns in a stressful situation if you practice yoga along with meditation. Practicing yoga will also prevent the uncontrolled release of cytokine that may damage the internal organs.

9.  Listening to Favorite Music

Melodious and soulful tunes are known to relax the brain and enhance feelings of pleasure. You will be less prone to anxiety and stress when your brain is relaxed and calm. Thus, listening to music enables you to fight back anxiety. Listening to music has also been found to improve the immune system according to a 2013 investigative review. Listen to your favorite music, as it brings a feeling of pleasure to your mind.

10.  Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is one type of meditation. It focuses on being aware of what you are feeling or sensing at the present moment without any judgment or interpretation. This type of meditation involves guided imagery, controlled breathing techniques, and other practices to relax the mind and body.

Started Feeling Good!

Chronic anxiety may have numerous adverse effects on your body and mind. However, you can fight back the anxiety using the aforementioned steps. It is impossible to have a life without worries or stress. However, you can overcome stress through behavior modification, positive thoughts, and simple changes in your lifestyle.

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