What is Emotional Healing? 10 Ways to Cope With Emotional Trauma

  • February 24, 2021
  • 5 min Reads

It may seem impossible to rebuild or reinvent yourself when feeling broken. At difficult times, you may even have doubts regarding the possibility of healing from emotional trauma which may result from broken heart, rejection, and depression. You may feel depressed for a long time and nothing may seem to be getting better or seem to be going as per your expectation. You may even feel stuck due to being unable to accomplish a task or failing to reach a goal despite trying multiple times. You may feel too old or too tired to start something or to change. You may have self-doubts, even you may wonder about ​ what is emotional healing and how you can cope with emotional trauma?​ If you are facing such circumstances, then this article is for you.

In this article, you will learn how to heal from emotional traumas and start on a new journey towards success, fulfillment, and happiness. Here we go,

10 Ways to Heal Emotional Wounds

  1. Take Small Steps
  2. 100% healing is Not Mandatory for Improved Quality of Life
  3. Have Patience and Persistence
  4. Have Realistic Expectations
  5. Learn from Setbacks
  6. Self-Compassion and Self-Care are Priority
  7. Accept Your Past & Process Your Feelings
  8. Ask for Assistance whenever Needed
  9. Love Others and Be Loved
  10. Control Your Thoughts

1) Take Small Steps

It is a mistake to change different aspects of your life at once, as it may overwhelm you. Hence, it is essential to set realistic expectations, as it is difficult to achieve dramatic changes all at once. It is prudent to have small and incremental changes that can be managed if you want to achieve emotional healing. It will bring feelings of encouragement, hope, and success throughout the healing process.

2) 100% healing is Not Mandatory for Improved Quality of Life

It is possible to improve the quality of life even if you do not have 100% healing from the emotional trauma. Even a small change can lead to improvements in mood and self-esteem. This will lead to an improvement in relationships. You will have more energy to complete the daily activities and can cope with triggers more efficiently.

3) Have Patience and Persistence

Healing from emotional trauma does not happen overnight. Therefore, you need to have patience in order to develop new skills or insights. It is equally important to be persistent in your pursuit of change if you want to try new approaches or challenge yourself in a new way.

4) Have Realistic Expectations

It is important to have realistic expectations if you want to heal from emotional trauma. For example, you cannot expect continuous progress on this journey. It will be similar to taking two steps forward and one step backward. You may even need to move two steps backward after moving one step forward. This is not a failure. You may overcome this type of complication with persistence and patience. It is equally important to have self-compassion. The progress may be slower. However, you can move forward and heal from emotional traumas if you have the aforementioned qualities. Setting up realistic expectations can save you from frustration and disappointment when trying to heal from any traumas.

5) Learn from Setbacks

The setbacks and relapses are common on your journey towards emotional healing if you use them as a learning experience instead of feeling disappointed or frustrated. You will learn what does not work. Hence, it is prudent to accept the setbacks or relapses as part of your journey. You can move towards healing if you learn from the small glitches on your way.

6) Self-Compassion and Self-Care are Priority

Healing from emotional trauma takes up a lot of time and energy. Hence, it is essential to pay attention to your feelings and physical sensations, as your body tells you what it needs through these sensations, such as headache, fatigue, tight muscles, etc. You must take care of your body and mind when healing from emotional traumas. If you want success, then you have to listen to what your body and mind need throughout the journey.

7) Accept Your Past & Process Your Feelings

It is prudent not to avoid your feelings regarding the past. They may stay dormant for a few days before resurfacing in your consciousness. Hence, it is essential to accept your feelings regarding the past. They will become a part of your past once they lose their power over you. However, this does not happen overnight, as this is a time-consuming process. You have to sit quietly and let your feelings surface in order to explore them thoroughly. This is not an easy task and you may need the assistance and guidance of a therapist.

8) Ask for Assistance whenever Needed

You may need others’ guidance or assistance in order to achieve emotional healing. This is a difficult task if you have been betrayed in the past. However, reaching out to others for help has several benefits. You will receive emotional support and guidance alongside having the ability to get over your reservations once you ask for others’ assistance. Your unique needs will determine what type of assistance you need and who will provide you with this assistance.

9) Love Others and Be Loved

It is important to reinvent yourself. However, it is equally important to embrace love from others and to be loved if you want to feel happy and satisfied alongside having the desire to live longer. If you want to accomplish these tasks, then you have to acknowledge the reality of others alongside accepting your capacities and attributes. You have to include others in your plan in order to be accepted by them and have to get rid of your unforgivable faults in order to be loved.

10) Control Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are the primary source of negative and positive feelings. Your positive thoughts will make you feel happy, satisfied, and calm. On the other hand, your negative thoughts will make you feel disappointed, frustrated, angry, depressed, and lost. Hence, it is critical to have a grip on your thoughts if you want to get rid of any emotional trauma.

It’s Time to Heal Your Emotions

Emotional healing is difficult to achieve; however, this is not an impossible task. ​ Be patient and realistic about your goals and achievements. In this journey, seek help from experts. Guided meditation enables you to have a positive outlook on life. Remember, this is a step-by-step process.

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