How to Have a Better Personality?

  • August 17, 2021
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Your personality is what people notice. Personality shows through what you wear, how you behave, and how you talk. It is up to you to work on your personality ensuring that you bring out the absolute best in you. Improving one’s personality doesn’t happen overnight. You need to work on different aspects of it consistently.


1) Develop a Sense of Style

The first impression people get of your personality is through what you are wearing. People will address you based on how you are dressed. You must therefore select attire that enhances your personality. Working out and maintaining a good physique also helps. Try dressing up without feeling like you are overdressed. It’s been proven that the best getup is the one in which it doesn’t look like you took time to prepare but it looks good anyway.

2) Be Yourself

Taking inspiration from someone is fine but you should always try to maintain your unique self. Everyone is different and we have our own flaws and unique skills. Trying to be someone else just hampers our own personality and takes away from our authenticity. It might also even backfire. Don’t try too hard to fit in a new group. Being a part of a good crew is ok as long as you are able to be yourself. No matter what, be the best version of yourself, be your true authentic self. rather than molding into another person.

3) Learn Social Skills

Working on your social skills helps in developing your personality. It is important to be approachable and to have good speaking skills. If you cannot communicate with people they will never get the chance to learn about you. It’s vastly known that our real self is hidden behind our tongue. You must know how to sharpen your social skills to create a healthy relationship with the people around you. Try to use positive gestures such as having an open relaxed stance while talking to someone. Think before you speak and speak according to the understanding of the other person. Good social skills will help you build a very strong personality.

4) Learn from Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes but not everybody learns from them. When you are learning something new, you will make mistakes. Apologize and plan your next steps. Apologizing is a sign of respect. Try not to repeat your mistakes, and forgive yourself, and move forward. Changing your mindset and behavior can be a long journey. However, a lot of good things come from consistently doing your best. A person who puts in the effort is a thousand times better than a person who doesn’t.  

5) Work on your Body Language

Just like your verbal communication skills, body language is important. Your body language tells a lot about yourself. People often make accurate judgments about you based on body language. The way you walk, talk, sit or even eat leaves an impact on the people around you.  Walking in an upright position with shoulders straight or sitting in a relaxed posture while maintaining eye contact are a few things that might seem simple but are often overlooked. Good body language is an art of self-confidence. Having a positive and approachable appearance can work wonders. 

6) Read

People who read tend to be more aware of their body language and verbal skills. This is because when reading, we come across a multitude of characters with different personalities. We see the relationships with other characters and we try to take what we find appealing. Reading can transform you from within and help you awaken the inner strengths you might not have been unaware of. Reading also helps you to introspect yourself and evolve into a better human being. Regular reading practice can help you develop your personality in several ways that make you approachable and confident.

7) Be Humble

Confidence is a key aspect of any attractive personality. You must not forget to be humble. Overconfidence or cockiness can develop a narcissistic personality which can be quite toxic. Your confidence must reflect how capable you are. Your confidence must show what you are doing, not that you know everything. Try to be a down-to-earth person. This will help you stay humble and the people around you will respect you. Don’t say that you’re humble but try to show it. Developing a realistic mindset that is humble, confident, and considerate of others is critical. Having a down-to-earth and humble approach towards life helps in building great character which in return leads to a better personality.

8) Be Courteous

Being courteous is well appreciated by everyone. Greet people with a smile and never shy away from helping your peers and being available to them whenever they need you. Random acts of kindness are never out of fashion, for they can make somebody else’s day great while boosting your confidence. Try to be courteous to your juniors and seniors.

9) Be Courageous

Take a stand when the situation demands. Be mindful of when to express your thoughts and decisions. This is a key trait that people with strong personalities have. A win-win solution is often the best approach but sometimes you must take stringent action. With experience, you’ll get the courage to make those decisions wisely. Always remember that you cannot please everybody but try to keep the peace when possible.

10) Be Fun

All the factors above will never help you develop a good personality if you are a stick in the mud. Try to find your humor bone to lighten up the environment. Everybody likes a person who can bring a funny perspective to common situations in life. Hence, don’t be serious all of the time. Gauge the situation to understand how you need to behave.

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Developing your personality takes time and you must patiently work on it. There are several aspects we forget about when it comes to personalities. Just having a good style or decent body language is never enough. You must have a positive approach to life. This will reflect in your personality and make you more likable and approachable.

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