10 Most Practical Ways To Build Self-Confidence

  • March 19, 2021
  • 5 min Reads
Ways to build your confidence

Many successful people may have linked their sense of self-confidence to their success. However, it is difficult for a confident person to describe how to build confidence, as a lot of things may boost a person’s confidence. Confidence is usually built on the choices or accomplishments of a person that makes him/her feel happy and proud of himself/herself.

In this article, you will find some practical and effective

Here are the 10 ways

  1. Accomplish Daily Goals
  2. Keep Track of Progress
  3. Follow a Value System
  4. Exercise or Sports Activities
  5. Bid Adieu to Fear of Failure
  6. Defend Your Dreams
  7. Stay True to Your Words
  8. Think of Long-Term Benefits
  9. Pay No Attention to Negative Comments
  10. Do What Makes You Happy

1.  Accomplish Daily Goals

It is important to remember that you cannot become confident overnight. You have to be rational on this journey.

  • It is essential to set small goals instead of setting an ambitious goal at the start of this process. For example, you may set a different goal every day and try to accomplish each task.
  • Small accomplishments will boost your confidence and will encourage you to fulfill bigger goals in life.
  • If you can accomplish daily goals, then you can meet your weekly/biweekly goals. This will lead you towards fulfilling the annual goals. Thus, you will notice a boost in self-confidence by the end of a year.

2.  Keep Track of Progress

You will notice incremental progress when making changes in your life. Hence, it is essential to monitor your progress over time, quantify your accomplishments, and keep setting bigger goals. For example, 

You may want to get a raise at your current job. If your company implements performance evaluations, regularly review your job roles and perform tasks that exceed the company’s expectations.

3.  Follow a Value System

Your decisions and actions define your character. Therefore, a value system must be followed even when it is difficult. You have to picture yourself as your best version and work to be that person. It may require sacrifice, but it will make you feel proud of yourself in the long run and this feeling will boost your self-confidence.

4.  Exercise or Sports Activities

A little bit of exercise or sports activity has been found to improve memory and focus alongside preventing depression, as you will have no surplus energy to become anxious. This practice also enables you to efficiently manage stress and anxiety. You can also remain fit through regular exercise and sports activities. You will notice an improvement in every aspect of your life through regular exercise and this is going to improve the level of your confidence.

5.  Bid Adieu to Fear of Failure

You will become stagnant and will stop learning if you stop pursuing a goal due to the fear of failure. Success does not come without failure and all successful people in this world have witnessed failure when pursuing their goals. However, they did not let the failure stop them from trying to reach the goal and this attitude sets them apart from others. Do not stop trying when pursuing a goal even if it seems overwhelming or risky. This attitude will push you towards progress and will boost your level of confidence.

6.  Defend Your Dreams

You may hear many discouraging comments at the early stage of a project. At such moments, it is important not to let the fear of failure or of humiliation deter you from pursuing your goal. You have to believe in yourself and have to stand up for your goal. Defend your dream by continuing to work on it in the face of opposition. Doing this will keep your mind focused and will help prevent self-doubt.

7.  Stay True to Your Words

It is critical to follow through if you want others to respect you. You will also notice an improvement in confidence if you can act in accordance with your words and are not afraid of the work. You will feel proud of yourself once you see how people respond to you when you keep your word. It will also improve your relationships.

8.  Think of Long-Term Benefits

You may need to make small sacrifices in order to accomplish a goal. Do not dwell on what you are giving up; otherwise, you may be deterred from the route and cannot reach the destination. For example, 

If you are preparing for an exam, it may be wise to stay home instead of going out with friends.

Don’t allow yourself to become frustrated when making such sacrifices. In the end, you will feel proud of yourself if you do not deflect from a long-term goal despite giving up something that provides short-term comfort.

9.  Pay No Attention to Negative Comments

You will receive negative feedback or comments throughout your life. You may benefit from some of these comments, as they can enable you to identify and rectify your mistakes. However, some of these comments will be unsolicited, discouraging, and even demeaning. It is prudent not to pay attention to such comments, as they may deflect you from the course of action. You have to stay determined, believe in yourself, and focus on your work. You may learn from the people who have been successful in life and have believed in their goals despite listening to negative comments.

10.  Do What Makes You Happy

It is essential to participate in recreational activities even when pursuing your goal, as it will refresh your mind. It does not matter what you love to do. You have to make room for recreational or refreshing activities, as your focus and attention will improve when your mind is fresh.


Your confidence level will not skyrocket overnight. Confidence grows as you gain experience meeting your goals.  This is an incremental process that requires consistent effort and discipline. Some people may discourage you or try to stop you from reaching your goal. Treat their negative feedback as hurdles that you must overcome. It is equally important to set practical goals. Do this by setting a few easily achievable goals at first, and then moving on to the harder tasks. With every achievement, you will notice a gradual improvement in confidence level. Need a virtual partner that will help you balance your lifestyle in terms of stress management, controlling your emotions, and increasing self-belief through daily tips, articles, and videos? Yes, Divine, You can help you with all these, so check it out now – Divine You Wellness

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