10 Things to do When “I Feel Stuck in Life” Comes to Mind

  • March 22, 2022
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10 Things to do When “I Feel Stuck in Life” Comes to Mind

I see a lot of people that feel stuck in life. 

On social media and in conversation I overhear. 

They don’t know how to get out of this phase.

It’s a hard position to be in. It can feel like an all-consuming void that nothing fills, and like a heavy wet blanket wrapped around you can’t shake it off and you find yourself saying “I’m stuck.”

There are many ways you may feel trapped or stuck in life and many more ways you can get out of it.

I have a firm familiarity with experiencing a low level of energy, lack of motivation, and struggle to keep up with work.

Everyone feels stuck in life at some point. Whether be it due to an unfulfilling job or a broken relationship.

But you can stop feeling stuck in life by figuring out why are you feeling stuck in the first place. Once you find the answer, you need to bring a few changes to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

10 Ways to Get Mentally and Emotionally Unstuck

If you’re feeling stuck then you should first identify the reasons and then figure out how to get rid of your roadblocks.

Follow these 10 Techniques if you Feel Stuck in Life

  1. Become Aware
  2. Identify What You Really Want
  3. Embrace the Feeling of Being Stuck in Life
  4. Talk to Yourself Frankly
  5. Change your Perspective
  6. Practice Healthy Detachment
  7. Tap Into Your Own Agency
  8. Distract yourself a bit when necessary
  9. Move your Body
  10. Re-organize your time

1) Become Aware

Becoming aware is a great starting point that will lead you to the root of your problem. Contemplate and analyze how your subconscious might be contributing to you feeling stuck.

While there is a lot that you can do on your own, consider finding professional help to support you and help you get rid of unwanted thoughts.

2)Identify What You Really Want

Being stuck might have a root in the feeling that there is something wrong in life. When such clarity comes to mind, you need to give yourself some time to think about what you want to do differently.

If you don’t know what you want, you may have a hard time setting or pursuing goals that would make you happy or improve your life.

In order to identify what you really want, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I Want?
  • Do I Gain Anything by Getting It?
  • Do I Lose Something by Getting It?
  • What If I Did Nothing?
  • What If I Succeed?

3) Embrace the Feeling of Being Stuck in Life

Life is hard and you need to realize the fact that there will be times when you feel drained.

There will be obstacles that you might face. If you can’t seem to get excited about your work, you must understand and embrace the fact that these aren’t abnormal feelings to have and you aren’t alone in experiencing these.

If you embrace this small but important realization, only then can you break the cycle of feeling stuck in life.

4) Talk to Yourself Frankly

Don’t you find it interesting that when it comes to giving advice to family, friends, or co-workers, you do it without reservation? But when it comes to yourself, you feel confused and paralyzed.

To overcome such a situation, utilize a strategy of talking to yourself in the mirror. Basically, I try to step out of my internal monologue and give myself a piece of advice that I freely give to friends or family members.

When you commit to this exercise, you open gates of clarity that will illuminate your life path.

5) Change your Perspective

Sometimes feeling stuck in life can be just a simple mindset – although an overpowering one. But negative thoughts won’t rule your mind if you welcome self-awareness and put some effort into your conscious mind.

Below are some questions to change your perspective

Questions to change your perspective:

  • How else can I see this situation?
  • How will I feel about this situation in a week, three months, three years?
  • What would my eight-year-old self offer as advice?
  • What would 80-year-old me say?

6) Practice Healthy Detachment

It’s not easy to let go of negative thoughts, but what if you choose to release the swirling thoughts of feeling stuck in life or in your current situation? By filtering negative thoughts and becoming aware of them and letting go, you can easily dodge them rather than being overrun by them.

7) Tap Into Your Own Agency

Being stuck in your life might seem like wallowing in your own helplessness. In order to get out of such a situation, what you can do is pick an area of your life and do something about it. What will happen is, you will ultimately come out of where you are. You can’t be stuck and in motion at the same time. The freedom of making a choice is what will help you get unstuck.

8) Distract yourself a bit when necessary

Whenever I feel stuck in life, what I do is tap into the creative part of my brain, where I sing or I do something fun to break up the monotony.

It is a wholesome activity for me that permits me to stride outside of my normal day-to-day function and getaway.

If you’re feeling stuck in a situation then leave it for some time and focus on other situations where you have control. Try to focus on a positive situation that gives life and energy.

9) Move your Body

The body can sometimes harbor tons of stress. Getting a massage can be a helpful way to rid the body of stress and stiffness.

Exercise can get more pleasant chemicals running through your body, and being outside in nature can do wonders for your mind and well-being.

10) Re-organize your time

Sometimes it becomes all too easy to fall into the web of unhealthy habits and routines that can add to the feeling of being stuck in life.

To become aware of the root causing the situation where you feel stuck in life, you need to start evaluating how you utilize your time.

To break out of a rut, you need to start utilizing your time differently. This can be an eye-opener in the present which can stop a blunder in the future.

Final Thoughts

We all move at different speeds in life, and in doing so, face struggles where we just want to throw in the towel. I can’t emphasize more how common these situations are and you’re not alone in this!

I hope that going through these steps will help you to get unstuck in life. Instead of feeling stuck, I hope it empowers you to put your best foot forward daily!

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