10 Life Hacks that can Help You in Learning to Trust Again

Learning to Trust again

“Trust” is a tiny five-letter word, but it is the essential pillar of every relation. It is the pioneer of building a relationship with happiness and togetherness. The term “love” cannot be defined without the use of this term as to whether it’s trusting your parents in childhood or finding trust in your partner; the word “trust” remains the same throughout life. No matter what the state of the relationship is, the significance of trust remains the same throughout.

But once you are betrayed in your relationship, you start feeling hopeless. The word “trust” starts fading in your life. You begin to ruin your relationship by being rude or being detached and questioning your partner about their every single move. Sometimes, this mistrust even leads to ending your relationship with your partner. You might be thinking if trust is broken once already, what is the need to learn to trust again?

Once your trust is broken, it sometimes becomes tough to heal from the wound inflicted on the heart. But not trusting again might take you away from your other relationships ranging from friends to family. Learning to trust again takes time. But we have provided you with the following hacks that can help you learn to trust again…

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10 Life Hacks that Help You in Learning to Trust Again

1. Get Clarity

Sometimes you start to keep your emotions within and suffer from internal trauma. But, always remember that being open is the only way by which you can trust your partner again. Just try to go deep in the matter and ask your partner about the issue and why he/she acted in a manner that resulted in waning trust. Regardless of the reason behind the betrayal, do not try to keep the matter to yourself, or else it would lead you to a significant emotional break. Unresolved issues can boil over leading to a major disaster in your relationship.

2. Consider the Reason Behind the Lie

“Talking with your partner sometimes heals 50% of relationship problems.”

Talking to your partner will always give clarity in your mind, and you can easily place yourself in your partner’s case. Just try to understand their perspective, and you might understand why they lied to you, and your trust in them can again flourish without much effort.

3. Embrace Vulnerability

Sometimes we think that being vulnerable is a weakness.  We always try to protect ourselves, thinking that being open to others will surely make us weak in their eyes. But in reality, vulnerability can be one of our greatest strengths. Describing your situation to others is sometimes the best solution for preventing emotional trauma. Just sit and talk with honest and impartial individuals about what you feel. Please discuss how you are feeling with your partner if you desire to repair the brokenness in your relationship. Open up and speak with your heart instead of being guarded and hiding behind the emotional wall.

4. Learning to Trust Yourself

You can never trust others if you are not willing to trust yourself. Self-trust is sometimes the only thing you need to move on in life. Instead of crying about a wrong decision, just rethink all the good choices you have made that have resulted in fruitful results. Just believe in your decision-making and learn to trust your decisions.

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5. Commit to Rebuilding the Relationship

If, even after whatever happened between you and your partner, you are willing to stay committed with your partner and give him or her a second chance, do it. If your heart thinks that your partner is the most valuable gift to your life and you can step towards that person, do it. When you take the step forward, be committed to the relationship wholeheartedly. Never try to take the journey forward half-heartedly, as it will only inhibit your progress. Just work together on your relationship and take a smooth step forward.

6. Practice Forgiveness

Forgiving someone will never make you inferior to them. Forgiveness is an act of maturity. Extend the same grace you would want to receive if you violated your partner’s trust. If you still desire a healthy relationship with your partner, forgiveness is critical. Every human on earth has opportunities to improve. Chances are, your partner will fail you again in some way.  But if your partner is remorseful and willing to do what is necessary to build trust, forgive and move forward together.

7. Allow Time to Heal

When you are betrayed in your life, it will surely take time for you to heal. You will go through various stages like denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. You will sometimes also desire to make bad decisions out of hurt, but never do anything to hurt your family or yourself. Just work through the healing process and take your time, releasing any unrealistic expectations or goals you once had. Live in the present.

8. Consider Couple’s Therapy

Sometimes it becomes tough for you to come out of the trauma. Moreover, talking with your family members or friends may not provide you with the best solution. The one thing you can consider at that time is Couple’s therapy. It can be a great solution to learn to trust again. You can tell a professional about how you feel and what you want in your life. It also provides a safe place for the couple to speak openly if it is difficult to communicate in private.

9. Don’t Label Yourself as a Victim

If you keep blaming your partner for the broken trust, you start considering yourself the victim. What they have done with you is their problem, and you cannot do anything about that. If you keep looking at yourself as a victim, it will surely make you lose your self-confidence and self-worth. Just learn to trust again and stop labeling yourself as the victim. 

10. Do Things That Brought You Comfort and Joy Before the “Event.”

Sometimes after you lose trust, you stop doing the things you used to do before. In grieving over your partner’s actions, you might not even want to involve yourself in activities that remind you of the misdeed. But this is the time to once again allow those things to provide you with the joy and comfort that you need to heal from the grief and learn to trust again.


“Trust is built in very small moments in which one person turns toward their partner when they are in need. When our partner responds positively, by ‘being there’ for us, that builds trust.”

Rebuilding trust is done moment by moment. Once you forgive, allow your partner to be there for you again. Trust is a choice. It is not a feeling. Discover more ways you too can be there for your partner as well to foster more openness in the relationship. The more you communicate, the less room there is for mistrust and betrayal.

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