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Why are they Being Distant?
  • June 17, 2022
  • 5 min Read
It's natural to feel anxious when your lover suddenly turns distant. Is it conceivable that they've become bored with you? Is it possible they're seeing someone else? Experts say there are a variety of reasons why your mate seems distant. It's normal to come up with several scenarios to fill in the gaps when your partner doesn't say anything. However,...
Divine You
Why is Attitude Everything?
  • June 10, 2022
  • 6 min Read
If you have a positive attitude, you may appreciate your opponents even when they outperform you. With their unfavourable ideas, certain leaders, such as Hitler and Mussolini, caused havoc on the globe. Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden are only distinguished by the fact that the former is a hero and the latter is a criminal. In today's unpredictable, uncertain,...
Divine You
How to Fix Brain Fog?
  • June 07, 2022
  • 7 min Read
We all know how a person suffering from brain fog can struggle with tasks that require mental energy. There are several ways to cope with brain fog and restore mental clarity. Some are easy-peasy hacks while some demand adjustments in lifestyle.  One of the feasible ways to treat brain fog is to organize your schedule. Making a checklist is the...
Divine You
Having an emotional attachment to another person is a natural thing. Nature has inculcated emotions in us. Through relationships, emotional attachments can create a link between two people. This link can be broken when a relationship ends and reformed with another down the line. Some people form emotional attachments to people who do not share the same feelings. When this...
Divine You
Life comes with its roses, and with its thorns. No human is exempt from pain, disappointment, failure, or heartbreak.  Despite the ups and downs we face, it all boils down to making the persistent effort required to overcome life's difficulties. Every day brings new obstacles, and you must always be on the lookout for them if you want to live...
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