8 Signs of an Intelligent Person (Find Out if you One of Them)

signs of an Intelligent person

Although the definition of intelligence varies from person to person , in general, intelligence refers to a person’s ability to learn as well as the speed and accuracy of processing the learned data.

Intelligence is also measured by a person’s reasoning capacity. An intelligent person can process abstract concepts on a particular subject as efficiently as well-defined problems.

A person with higher intelligence thinks rationally and is likely to succeed in every aspect of life – personal, professional, and social. They are likely to live a healthy life by making smart choices. They are curious and are not reluctant to listen to others’ points of view.

However, there are many people who pretend to be smart. It is difficult to separate the pretenders from intelligent people if you do not know the traits of an intelligent person.

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Here are 8 ways to know if someone is smart

1. They are Empathetic and Compassionate

True intelligence is not just defined by ingenious inventions or excellent performance in academics. An intelligent person is genuinely compassionate and empathetic to others’ needs. Empathy is related to emotional intelligence and comprehension is related to cognitive intelligence.

Psychologists believe that most intelligent people have a high IQ as well as a high EQ. Therefore, a person who scores higher in traits of empathy is likely to score higher in the traits of verbal reasoning/comprehension. An intelligent person leads with both heart and mind.

2. They Observe and Remember

An intelligent person observes what is happening around or in the lives of people close to him/her. An individual’s abality to store and work with these pieces of information is known as ‘working memory and psychologists relate it to fluid reasoning (ability to think and reason abstractly).

According to many psychologists, there are different types of intelligence based upon a person’s ability to observe and remember. For example,

  • An Individual with spatial-visual intelligence has a good eye for patterns
  • If someone is verbal-linguistic intelligence has an excellent memory for the information heard or read
  • Someone with naturalist intelligence has a deep understanding of the nature

3. They are Curious about the World

An intelligent person is curious about different aspects of life and different types of subjects. However, they are only curious about the important issues which may be related to science, arts, history, economics, politics, climatic conditions, politics, etc.

Hence, they collect information through different sources and are not afraid to ask questions – Who, What, What if, When, Why, Where, How. They like to learn about different cultures, about the lives of people from different parts of the world, and about the world at large.

4. People Trust Them

A person, whose judgment or advice is valued by others, usually plays the role of a leader or representative of a group of people. This is a sign of intelligence.

An intelligent person can be motivate others to work towards a common goal and can simplify a subject, topic, or issue for others. Hence, people can depend on them.

The correlation between trust and intelligence has been found through social studies. It has been found that individual achievements have not influenced people to put their trust in an achiever. Therefore, people trust those who know how to lead a group of people.

5. They have a Strong Sense of Self

You recognize your strengths, understand your potential, and accept your weaknesses when you know yourself. Intelligent people have a strong sense of self. No feeling of insecurity weighs upon them and they are confident to make choices that reflect their beliefs.

Intelligent people are certain about their desires and values. They know what they want to achieve while also being aware of their abilities and traits.

Intelligent people can express their thoughts on an issue or their desires without having any reservations. However, they will set and honor their boundaries. They will choose a course of life that aligns with their ethics, values,  and objectives.

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6. They have Self-Control

Having control over your desires, whims, or emotions is a sign of intelligence as well as emotional maturity but,excessive emotions may harm an individual and his/her relationships.

Hence, it is prudent not to act or talk when you are in extreme joy, anger, or pain. An intelligent person knows the benefits of staying level-headed. An intelligent person will think before acting or speaking. Therefore, having self-control is a sign of intelligence.

7. They Value Solitude

An intelligent person may like to spend more time in solitude instead of socializing with friends or family. They may seem introverted. But, Intelligent people find contentment in solitude instead of social environment.

In solitude, a person can reflect upon new ideas, past experiences, issues of their own life, or what is happening around the world and Intelligent people value this. They like to introspect or work on projects and pursue their interests.

8. They are Passionate about Things that Interest Them

The primary traits of an intelligent person’s character are passion, curiosity, and the desire for learning. They do not hesitate to admit if a particular concept seems unfamiliar or outside the sphere of their knowledge and they are eager to collect information on any new topic.

The passion of an intelligent person will drive him/her to spend a lot of time and energy learning about something or pursuing something that seems interesting.


The definition of intelligence varies from person to person. However, many psychologists believe that intelligence is not just related to academic excellence or professional achievements.

Not all intelligent people are gifted with ingeniousness at an early age. Their intelligence may be reflected through their work, nature, or their attitude towards life. However, the aforementioned traits are some of the common attributes of an intelligent person.

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