Want to have a Successful Online Dating Experience? (10 Expert tips to meet the right person)

  • September 29, 2021
  • 5 min Reads

Online dating can be an overwhelming experience as you take the first step.  You might get disappointed if you don’t connect with people instantly. Nonetheless, couples have found each other on these dating sites and apps, so it’s worth a try if you seek a genuine and compatible partner.

This guide will offer advice on how you can navigate your way to finding a perfect match on these dating apps.


Top 10 Expert Tips for Online Dating  

1. Know Which App is Best for You

With numerous dating apps flooding the market, it becomes difficult to select the best fit for your needs. Each app offers a different purpose and appeals to a different crowd; from long-term relationships on OkCupid to hook-ups on Tinder. Hence, you need to evaluate your aspirations to determine your app needs.

2. Listen to Your Gut

Often, people struggle to say “no” and converse with people who are a mismatch, eventually leading to disappointment and withdrawal from the dating scene. Hence, you should set a limit on the number of people you want to converse with daily to be productive. Stay away from people who you feel are only time guzzlers and won’t deeply connect. If someone is not interested in responding to your message, don’t pursue them.    

If you feel exhausted, take a break. Delete chat history and the apps, and resume online dating after 30 days. But never give up, as finding your match is highly probable on these apps.  

3. Describe in the Profile Who You Are and What You Are Looking For

Your online dating profile should explain what you are seeking from others. If you are there for fun, laughter, or making friends, select the most suitable option available to you. If seeking a deeper connection, your profile should be elaborate and thoughtful. It should describe you and the partner you are seeking. A well-tailored profile will attract the right people with whom you can amicably connect.

4. Don’t Shy Away from Cultural Differences

Stay open to meeting people from different communities, countries, and cultures. Online dating apps enable people to connect from across the globe, and hence you can meet a person who is different from your culture who could offer love, warmth, and care. Often, online daters have met their partners/spouses from across the globe. They have accepted the cultural differences and are living happily.

5. Be Yourself

Get into honest conversations with people on the dating portals. Ask about them before blowing your own trumpet. Ensure that you clearly express your desire from the conversation and explore the potential of a long-term relationship. Authenticity will help you create real bonds with your date.

For instance, if your potential date wants to get married in the next few months, and marriage is not on your mind, let them know, and politely excuse yourself. Alternatively, if someone is seeking a casual relationship don’t invest your time in them hoping to entice them into a long-term relationship.

Keeping people in the dark will only cause heartaches and bad vibes, which you wouldn’t like, would you?  

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6. Don’t Bother with People who are Not Interested in You

If a person of your interest doesn’t respond to your first two messages, leave them alone. In this massive online dating arena, there are millions of people waiting to be discovered by you, and who can be easily compatible with you. So, why pursue someone who is not interested in holding a conversation with you? Accept their rejection and move forwards with a positive affirmation.

7. Don’t Delay Meeting in Person

The convenience of texting and conversing on the phone often delays the event of meeting in person and lowers the potential of cultivating a meaningful relationship. With weeks of texting and phone calls, the charm fizzles out and the chemistry disappears. Subsequently, people often lose out on a potential match in real life. So skip the boring text conversations and head out for a real date. Your first in-person date doesn’t have to be elaborate, just a short walk to the park will help you evaluate if they are the real partners or not.  

8. Meet in a Public Place

Meeting a person for the first time is scary when you have only conversed with them online. Hence, be safe rather than sorry. Meet them in a public place such as a park, a coffee house, or a shopping mall; especially if you are a woman. Your date would understand and respect your idea of meeting publicly if they are genuinely interested in you. If they refuse to meet publicly then immediately stop conversing with them, it sounds like nothing but danger.  

9. Save Interesting Conversation Topics for the Real Meeting

Online dating offers the convenience of texting when you please. However, it can also prove to be a damper if you regularly text your date to share your ideas, beliefs, or personal life. Hence, you get to know them quickly, and an in-person date leaves no charm as your conversations have dried up. Instead, exchange a few messages to evaluate the interest level and immediately meet for an in-person date to take it to the next level.

10.  Define the Relationship

When you spend time with your date, be honest about your views on what you expect from the relationship, and how you want it to progress. Of course, their viewpoint is equally important in defining your relationship. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean immediate commitment for life as you both have just started getting to know each other. Take it slow if you are to take it far. You both can discuss the relationship in terms of if you seek a committed relationship or a casual affair.


Online dating can help you meet the right person with whom you can spend your life in total bliss. However, you need to make an effort of getting to know a potential partner and meeting him or her in person to decide if you want to develop a stronger relationship. 

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