Are you Feeling Burned Out? Signs of Burnout

  • August 24, 2021
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Signs of Burnout

A fast-paced lifestyle often puts stress on our bodies paving the way for mental and physical ailments that we popularly refer to as burnouts. People, regardless of their age and gender, who have an “I can do anything” personality usually experience burnout.

Burnout is one of those road hazards which high achievers keep an eye out for but rarely see coming. Since high achievers are very passionate about what they do, often they ignore the fact that they have been working non-stop for years without a single break. It’s good to work and stay busy but one should maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. High achievers tend to take on excessively high workloads and enormous pressure resulting in loss of mental and physical health. This article shares insight on how to identify burnouts. Read on to find out more.


1) Exhaustion

Fatigue is a clear indication of burnout. In the early stages, you feel a lack of energy, and you are constantly irritated and tired. These symptoms indicate that your body wants to relax from your routine. Since people tend to ignore these signals, they develop chronic fatigue in their later years. They end up feeling more emotionally and physically drained over time. They also develop dreadful feelings about what lies ahead each day. The best way to overcome exhaustion is to give yourself time to relax and enjoy life a little. No work is as important as your health. Take a break and reward yourself to feel happy and healthy.

2) Insomnia

Chronic insomnia occurs in people who do not take a break and remain endlessly invested in their professional and personal lives. Initially, they may have trouble falling asleep one or two nights a week. However, with added pressure, they lose even more sleep.  Insomnia becomes persistent when you overwork your mind. Your brain doesn’t get the time to rest and this leads to a reduction of cognitive functions later in life. Insomnia is vicious because you feel exhausted yet you still can’t sleep. To fight insomnia, stay away from your gadgets 2-3 hours before your bedtime. Further, maintain a schedule to balance your work and life.  

3) You Feel Lack of Accomplishment

A sense of incompetence is a clear indicator of burnout. The feeling that you just cannot be efficient as you once were is hard to digest. But people try to push through it by working even more. That is not the solution. When you feel that there is a lack of productivity, take a step back and re-evaluate the situation that makes you feel this way. Maybe it is time to get a new job or relocate.

Sometimes factors like changing your job depend on economic factors rather than health. Lack of accomplishment can also stem from exhaustion and cynicism. Come to terms with where you are in your life and see where you wish to be. You must plan accordingly. Even if the steps you need to take seem difficult, you must take them. It is better to take a chance and fail than to feel empty and worthless for the remainder of your days.

4) Lacking at your Job

If your job performance is dropping it can be a clear indication of things becoming overwhelming. Compare your current performance with your past performance. Burnout tends to happen over an extended period. You need to notice the signs before you hit rock bottom. If you feel you are lacking at your job ensure that you stop and take a break. Persistent feelings of not being good enough can lead to more excessive forms of chronic burnout.

5) Loss of Appetite

Loss of appetite is a common sign of burnout. Initially, you may feel less hungry and skip a meal or two. But over time that absence of hunger grows. Eventually, you no longer feel hungry. Subsequently, you begin to lose weight causing severe health issues. Sometimes people even gain weight due to loss of appetite. You need to consult your doctor to see how your body is doing.  

6) Everything Gets Under your Skin

Stress can make you more irritable towards your family or your coworkers. If you feel annoyed and irritated by the smallest of things you might be facing severe burnout. Outright anger is another sign of being burnt out.

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7) Lack of motivation

Lack of enthusiasm about anything and having no internal motivation towards life means that you are experiencing burnout. It can lead to you not being able to get out of bed in the morning or even hold conversations. Such factors also lead to more severe forms of mental health issues so it is best to keep a check on how you are doing.

8) Anxiety

Anxiety can be mild in the first stages of burnout but it gets serious very quickly. Mild symptoms of tension, worry, and edginess can grow into full-blown bouts of anxiety which are crippling to deal with. Anxiety can even interfere with your life to an extent where you no longer feel happy about anything.

9) Your mind wanders

You have trouble concentrating on any task, as well as forgetting trivial things. This is a sign of extreme burnout since your mind is so tired it cannot keep up with your daily tasks. Studies have suggested more than 100 symptoms that show loss of concentration. They include symptoms like disillusionment and a loss of idealism.

10) Increased Illness

Since your body is depleted, your immune system gets weaker. This makes your body vulnerable to infections and other diseases. Try to eat foods that keep your body healthy. A healthy body sometimes helps maintain your mental health.


Burnouts can be experienced by anyone regardless of their age. Realizing that you are exhausted and immediately taking action to counter it at an early stage is critical for your healthy mind, body, and soul.

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