When Things Get Tougher, Here’s How to Keep Going

When Things Get Tougher, Here's How to Keep Going

It’s acceptable if things become challenging, but never give up on a better future. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, many more people have faced a job loss, illness or inability to move freely, loss of contact with loved ones, or death. Things may be getting back to normal in some ways, but no human is exempt from facing challenging times.

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Things to Remember When the Going Gets Tough

Here are some ideas to motivate you in getting through the difficult times.

1. Dwelling on what you don’t want works against what you do want

Our conceptions of how things ‘should’ go often differ from how things actually end up. So when our plans go awry, and our reality isn’t what we expected, it’s easy to wrestle with life. Truthfully, what screws us up is our mental image of how those things should be. When you let go and accept your reality, you recapture energy spent fighting against it.

2. Never lose sight of significant goals

When confronted with adversity, people tend to lose sight of their original goal or vision.

Instead, they allow bad feelings to dominate their thinking, inhibiting action and progress. So, before I leave home, I write down my main goals on a notecard or I put them in my phone. Writing your goals will remind you of the big vision, and it will help you keep going after being knocked down.

You can do the same thing with a notebook, computer, and wallet. When certain tasks become tough, go through your key goals to keep your eye on the big picture. Nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams if you make them a high priority.

3. Study the greats

For fun, I like reading. So ever so often, I pick up a new book to read, and I like memoirs. It’s fantastic to read about individuals who changed the world by living their lives.

Reading a prominent person’s memoirs rapidly reveals their resilience in the face of hardship. So when I’m having a difficult day, I pick up an autobiography of a famous success story.

That person’s story taught me never to give up and fight for what I believe in. It’s never too late to learn from the past. Success leaves signs.

4. Attack the problem head-on

Use short bursts of internal or physical energy to attack your difficulties. For example, if you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, start allowing yourself to think about them along with whatever emotions come up. Acknowledge your feelings, embrace them, and do something to shift yourself out of that emotional space. Take a walk, listen to a song, or write a short positive message. When you allow yourself to be in the moment with difficult feelings, you are better able to process them and move forward. Avoidance can lead to a blowup later. 

For handling daunting tasks, start reaching out for support in little bursts of energy. For example, if you are having a hard time finding work, use a job search engine or submit your resume to a recruiter.  Talk to friends and family to see if they know anyone who may be hiring. Change your approach today so you aren’t continually attempting the same thing day after day, which may be demotivating.

You may not be fortunate right away, but you must learn to accept minor setbacks to avoid burnout. For example, it’s better to apply for 5 jobs a week than 5 jobs in one day and then take your foot off the throttle for the next week. It is much easier to do a little something every day to prevent burning out.

5. Believe that if you’ve overcome tough times before, you will again

Despite the situation you face now, know that you have faced difficult times before, and you overcame.  You had what it took to survive. And you still do. Do not underestimate your resilience. If you rose above the odds before, you can do it again.

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6. Be kind to yourself

Whatever you’re going through, make it a habit to do something that makes you happy every day. Avoid huge, unsustainable gestures like overseas trips, particularly if you’re in financial trouble.

Instead, focus on the simple joys of life, like a nice cup of coffee or a hot bath—every day, do something little and exclusive for you. Also, keep reminding yourself what you’re fighting for. Being gentle to yourself will give you that extra push. Take care of yourself like you would a buddy in a similar situation.

7. No matter how bad it feels now, it won’t feel this way forever

According to Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert, humans often anticipate their reactions when faced with adversity. We tend to believe we will always feel a certain way when things happen. However, this is untrue. The only thing constant is change. How you feel right now is temporary. Embrace that fact and keep walking forward.

8. Reduce your exposure to things that trigger negative emotions

When you’re weak, unpleasant feelings are the last thing you want to invite into your life. So cut off the news, social media, and unhelpful individuals from your network.

This wisdom is timeless. It’s good to eliminate items from your life that make you feel bad, but it’s even more important to do so when times are rough since you’re less likely to keep perspective on your life.

If you know you are prone to certain negative emotions, avoid activities and situations that intensify them. Instead, surround yourself with optimism. 

9. Remember you are more significant than your problems

Whatever challenges you’re challenging, don’t let them define you. You’re not your problems, work, financial statement, messy divorce, etc.


When things go wrong in life, it may be challenging to retain the energy to keep fighting. Still, by following a few of the easy methods listed above, you can replenish your mental stamina and get back to fighting for a better life for yourself. Take good care of yourself first, and then concentrate on taking good care of what is outside of yourself.

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