8 Inspirational Life Lessons by Dalai Lama

  • August 31, 2021
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Inspirational Life Lessons by Dalai Lama

Research indicates you experience euphoria when you are compassionate, akin to any positive feelings that you have when eating delicious food, or relaxing on a holiday. When you are compassionate towards fellow human beings, you have lower stress levels and improved immunity.  

Being compassionate is about consideration of an individual’s feelings. Subsequently, you must hold a conversation with them to share their current situation in life. Compassion is more demanding than expressing kindness. When you are compassionate towards a person, you get emotionally involved with them and give them the help they need.

You express compassion towards:     

  • An ailing friend or a family member
  • A friend, neighbor, family, or an acquaintance who has lost their job
  • A bereaved relative or a friend
  • A colleague, friend, or a relative seeking divorce or separation
  • A destitute person


1) Happiness is achieved from your own actions

People constantly complain about being unhappy but are too lazy to act on it. Happiness comes from within; when you engage in positive actions such as sharing your knowledge, wealth, or time with others and yourself. We must work through our life’s challenges to achieve happiness.

That said, finding joy in the smaller things in life, such as waking up to the sound of chirping birds or going for a walk in the woods, delights your soul, improves your mood and immunity, and makes it easier to cope up with life.  

2) Don’t’ be disheartened if your heart’s desire is unmet; something wonderful is waiting for you ahead

If your heart strongly desires something, and you have been working hard towards achieving it, but have failed, don’t be disheartened. Often, when we are deprived of our wishes, there’s always something better destined for us. In life, when we lose we eventually gain, and gain better than we had anticipated.

Thus, we should never surrender to the pain and keep our hopes held high, always. When we remain unshakable at the lowest point of our lives, we emerge stronger and gain the confidence of winning all battles in life. Thus, a loser is always a winner, as he/she has learned an important lesson from the failure, and can do better in the future.        

3) Don’t allow technology to rule your life 

We have created technology through our advanced study of science. However, while we should be in control of smart devices, we have become slaves to them.  

The Dalai Lama has 8 million followers on Twitter. He appreciates the use of technology in connecting people, yet he warns against its overuse because 

It controls your life – people are always on their smartphones, even when they are physically present with their families, friends, or in the office.

It’s a poor substitute for actual relationships – since people are always communicating on social networks, they forget the value of real friendship; when they would communicate face-to-face with their friends, peers, or family.

It doesn’t allow you to be compassionate – expressing feelings on social media is easier than communicating face-to-face, as you are more shielded from others’ responses. However, to feel a true human connection, you must embrace touch and learn to sit at the moment with a person.

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4) Make peace with yourself to be happy 

Embrace your individuality. Accept your virtues and vices; only then will you attain peace within. If a person or a situation is toxic, remove yourself immediately. Your heart will whine for a while but soon you will feel free and enlightened. If you seek love from others, remember that you receive what you give.

Start by giving yourself the love you desire to receive. The day you start embracing your real self and loving it wholly, you will be at peace. A peaceful demeanor always shines in the outer world, this will build up a better personality. Eventually, people will start acknowledging your inner light and will seek to befriend you, for your positivity.  

5) Sleep is the best meditation

We connect with our subconscious mind through dreams. In dreams we travel to the untouched horizons of our life, returning to a refreshed self every day. Hence, having a good sleep schedule is an essential habit that you must keep. Indulging in a restful sleep leads to a healthy mind, body, and soul.    

Lack of sleep contributes heavily to negative moods including depression and anxiety. Hence, never negotiate on your sleep; make a sleep routine that helps your body to rejuvenate. Ensure that you don’t use gadgets 2 hours before your sleep time, as the radiation emitted from them affects your sleeping patterns.  

6) Conquer your anger and hatred to be a true hero

Heroism stems from positivity and faith. If you want to be a hero in life, shed the negativity caused by fear, anger, jealousy, or hatred. Instead embrace hope, love, and compassion for yourself and others.

Negativity only mars your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. It lowers your immunity, and damages the cardiovascular and nervous system, making your body fall prey to diseases.  

Consciously make a choice to embrace positive emotions every day; especially when negativity confronts you. You may initially struggle but with patience, but you will learn to be compassionate towards yourself.  

7) Don’t lose the lesson that you learned from your failure

As the adage goes, “Failures are the stepping stones to success.”

We get disheartened when we fail to achieve our dreams or when we are let down by others.  But does that mean that we stop trying?  Hope is stronger than fear of failure. As a child when you were learning to ride a bike, you often fell on the ground, and were told to immediately stand up, and try again, right? You eventually learned to pedal your bike and also learned the never-give-up attitude. So why be discouraged now, if you have failed?

Failures occur when we get over-confident, which lowers our risk assessment ability, and we make errors. Thus, evaluate the worst-case scenario, reflect on shortcomings, and find possible solutions before embarking on your projects.  

8) Ignorance is never a bliss

“Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.”

                                                                            Thomas Gray, English Poet (1716-1771)

Often, we sweep tough situations under the carpet, hoping they would leave us eventually. However, ignorance only leads to more trouble, and we soon begin to fear it. To evolve as a stronger people, we must be conscious of the problem and find a solution calmly. When we remain calm, courageous, and hopeful in tough situations, we can easily discover the root cause of a problem, and quickly find a solution.      


Practice these valuable lessons and enjoy the positive changes in your life. Discovering compassion, truth, and warmth will help you gain true happiness.

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