8 Signs You Found Your Soulmate (Are They “The One?”)

  • December 14, 2021
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From a young age, we are fed the idea that there is a special person, our soulmate, somewhere on earth who will love us like no other. As we grow, we search high and low for “the one.”

Bad dating experiences and failed relationships can make finding the one seems as elusive as spotting Bigfoot. Nevertheless, the need for love and long-lasting relationships inspires people to continue the quest; once they find success, the feeling is incredible.

Now, worries and questions cloud the mind and you ask, is this the one or is this a mistake?

Here are some signs to look for when you think you have found your soulmate.


Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

1. You spend time together but have a life outside of the relationship

Some couples complain about their significant other spending too much time with friends, while others like when friendships and bonds are cultivated outside of the relationship.

When the bond is strong, the time that you spend away from one another becomes a feature and not a problem. Both partners feel quite secure in the relationship and support passions that do not involve the other.

Whether it is hanging out with family and friends or picking up a hobby, this facilitates growth and brings a sense of self-worth so that you feel more confident in your relationship.

2. You can be yourself with them

This is a clear sign that you are with that special someone because you can be just the way you are. You don’t always have to entertain; you are allowed to have mundane and unglamorous moments.

Soulmates tend to feel a sense of familiarity and comfort when they are with their partners. You can relax with that person and be as vulnerable as you want and be happier. By being yourself, building intimacy becomes easier and the togetherness is fulfilling.

3. You can trust them

The big thing in the relationship is trust and this never changes so the longer you are together, the more important it becomes. Life tests the strength of the bonds of togetherness from time to time.

Early on, there might be some red flags that make you question the trust you have in your partner.  Do not ignore them; resolve trust issues as soon as they arise if you want your relationship to last.

4. Your personalities are complimentary 

Opposites do attract and lead to great matches, so finding someone who compliments your personality is a good idea. An outgoing person works well with someone more reserved and a thoughtful person bonds with a quick-thinking one.

The differences between people may bring the much-needed balance and lead to fulfilling relationships.

5. You handle challenges in a mature and healthy way

In every relationship, there are going to be disagreements and fights but you can handle them in a healthy way. Arguments, depending on the type, are an indication of healthy and solid relationships that are getting stronger.

The quality of the bonding depends on the origin of the disagreement and its resolution. There may be compromises involved and prioritizing what is most important. The aim is to find a common ground instead of simply winning the argument.

Even you and your soulmate are different, disagreements are inevitable. The difference lies in the fact that great partnerships involve the positive handling of challenges just like a team.

6. You care about each other’s opinions

In a nurturing bond, the opinions of both people matter in equal measures. When one shares thoughts, the other one listens and wants to hear them. A genuine interest in the partner’s opinion matters even during a disagreement.

Communicating with a person is easy when they listen to the way you feel and think. They remember the things you say and build on this later. You want to be with someone that responds with care, sincerity, and empathy.

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7. There is a feeling of familiarity 

The concept of instant bonding and soulmate may seem like a cliché but people finding happiness in relationships feel a sense of closeness with their significant other from the beginning.

This sense of instant familiarity regarding his or her scent, language, taste, touch, and comportment triggers a romantic connection. There is a feeling of recognition and comfort with the other person with a sense of some prior acquaintance.

You feel as if that moment took place already, in a different time and place and this makes all the difference.

8. You feel the chemistry 

When doubting whether a relationship is right for you, consider whether there is some chemistry there between the two. This can be breezy, easy, fun, positive, and flirty.

Chemistry in a relationship refers to that intangible quality, not easy to measure. You would know whether this is present or not. Going through rough times when you are together is nothing new because it is natural for all couples. Chemistry is a sign of a healthy relationship.


There are some subtle signs to look for when you are serious about finding the right person. The road to finding true love is never easy, but knowing the way men and women think is useful.

How you treat each other is a great indicator for determining if your suitor could possibly be “your person.” If you are in a committed relationship and want to strengthen the bond you have, find new ways to demonstrate love, empathy, and support for your partner.

You will be surprised by the results; the one you are with may have been the one you’ve been searching for all along. 

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