Highly Intelligent People Fail to Achieve their Potential (7 Reasons Why)

  • November 18, 2021
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Highly Intelligent People Fail to Achieve Their Potential

It is good to be smart! Intelligent people understand concepts that are difficult to grasp, solve problems quickly, and have an affinity for knowledge.

Intelligent people see and interact with the world differently. They can be rational during intense moments; they can also be quite amusing. That being said, having intelligence is not enough to achieve your goals; it is equally important to use it effectively.

Raw intelligence is an important tool. However, it is not the only tool for success; you have to work hard and pay attention to your EQ (emotional intelligence) if you want to succeed.

In this article, you will find out why some people who have an intelligent mind but lack Emotional Intelligence may fail to effectively use their skill set to be successful in life.

The Reason Why Highly Intelligent People Fail

    1. They Overanalyze
    2. They Don’t Like Team Work
    3. They Fail to Match Their Vision with Their Action
    4. Smart People Get Bored Easily
    5. They Don’t See from Another’s Perspective
    6. Smart People have an Ego
    7. They Don’t Understand the Importance of Building a Relationship Skill
  • 1. They Overanalyze

    Many intelligent people have the tendency to overanalyze an issue. They may be seeking a perfect solution, refusing to accept the reality that it does not exist. 

    Over-analysis leads to anxiety, stagnation, and low productivity. It leads to refusing to take a worthwhile risk. Overthinking can lead to even making the wrong choice due to getting too far into the weeds and neglecting to see the big picture. 

    Being stuck in their head also limits their ability to be themselves and interact freely with others. Soft skills, or people skills, are critical for achieving success professionally and personally.  Being successful without building relationships is virtually impossible. 

    2. They Don’t Like Team Work

    An intelligent person may not work well with a team of peers or colleagues. He may not want to delegate tasks to others, believing that he knows more or performs better than others.

    He may become impatient or behave rudely if any member of the team has difficulty processing the data or understanding a concept. 

    For these reasons, team members may not enjoy working with him, which affects the effectiveness of the team. No one builds an empire without a team. The inability to work well with others affects success. 

    3. They Fail to Match Their Vision with Their Action

    No matter the profession, having aspirations is not enough to achieve success. It is equally important to work hard and to have the tenacity to reach the goal. Some intelligent people may not have this quality and may fail to turn their dreams into reality.

    A person cannot progress if their actions do not align with their visions. They may substitute their actions with their daydreams or fantasy, which leads to stagnation and results in failure.

    4. Smart People Get Bored Easily

    Intelligent people are curious and have a strong desire for learning new things. They enjoy the activities that satisfy their curiosity and let them nurture their creativity.

    Therefore, repeated behavior may cause boredom in intelligent people. However, success does not always come from creativity. It may become essential to repeatedly perform some tasks in order to become an expert in any field.

    Intelligent people have an unquenchable thirst for learning. The execution side of the performance may seem tedious to some of them due to this, and this type of behavior leads to failure. However, all intelligent people do not think or behave in this manner.

    Many brilliant minds have carved their names in the history of mankind with ingenious inventions that required perseverance and execution along with intelligence.

    5. They Don’t See from Another’s Perspective

    Some intelligent people lack empathy and fail to or refuse to understand another’s perspective. Therefore, they fail to understand why different people behave in different ways in the same situation or may have different opinions regarding one issue.

    An empathic person values another’s perspective and is appreciated by the people in their life. It is essential to know about others’ demands or needs in order to work with them or cater to them. A smart person knows how to use others’ satisfaction to their advantage.

    6. Smart People have an Ego

    An egoistic person is more concerned about his/her needs than the needs of others. An intelligent person may have an inflated feeling of pride and may believe that he/she is superior to others.

    Ego will overshadow reality. An intelligent person with an ego may fail to realize that tenacity, perseverance, motivation, and EQ (emotional quotient) are as important as having intelligence in order to achieve success in different fields of work. Many intelligent people fail to make the best use of their skills or knowledge due to this reason.

    7. They Don’t Understand the Importance of Building a Relationship Skill

    Intelligent person pays more attention to improving their intellect than to building relationships since communication may not be their forte. Intelligent people usually believe that their intelligence is the key to success and may avoid sharpening their interpersonal skills.

    An intelligent person will score better than the other students with average intellect in academics. This will make them believe that intelligence is the key to success. However, the rules of the professional world are different. It is equally important for an intelligent person to have soft skills if he/she desires to be successful in the professional world. Therefore, it is essential for intelligent people to overcome their weaknesses using their strengths.

    For example, intelligent people are good at learning and may try to master the skills that do not come naturally to them. There is no need for a complete personality makeover. It is possible to develop interpersonal skills by identifying specific diplomatic behaviors of a particular field of profession or workplace.


    Being intelligent is useful if you want to achieve success. However, this is not the only quality to possess if you want to reach the pinnacle of success. It is equally important to develop interpersonal skills, to skillfully manage conflicts, and to have the ability to work with a group of people.

    It is important to be empathetic to others’ needs and to have a mind that is open to considering or understanding others’ perspectives. An intelligent person may even fail to achieve success if they lack effective persuasion skills or fail to inspire and guide others.

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